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Which is the Best Free Graphic Design Software

There are plenty of free graphic design software’s are available for graphic designers. Most of the people are confusing for finding which is the best free graphic design software among these software’s. Today I will explain what are the graphic design software’s are free and paid.

If you are searching for best free online graphic design tools or free online graphic design software, Check out this article – Best Free Online Graphic Design tools.

Still you are searching for best free graphic design software or tool you can continue your reading.

Factors that Consider to Find Best Free Graphic Design Software

  • Tools option – To check the tools in the software that are satisfying your design needs
  • Unlimited usage in reasonable price or without any price
  • Easy to use interface
  • Availability of templates
  • Active design community for the particular software
  • Fast loading time

1. Canva Desktop – Free Graphic Design Software


Canva is best option for graphic designers to create beautiful designs. Canva is named as a free online graphic design tool and also named as a best free graphic design software (Desktop tool). You can download there official Canva desktop version from Canva website.

You can also get all the features of the Canva desktop version that are available in Canva’s online free designing package. Canva’s can be installed just like any other software normally downloaded and installed.

Canva available in – WIndows, Mac & Mobile Application

Licence – Free to use

You can use the same login information that used in online for desktop Canva version. There you can see the designs you have made, create new designs and download designs for free.

The other important feature in Canva desktop version is that you can access thousands of design templates that helps to create attractive designs. So there is no need to create designs from scratch.

Features that Makes Canva is the Best Free Graphic Design Software

  • 1000+ Free templates
  • Easy to use interface
  • Canva is best software or application for graphic design beginners and non designers
  • Best tools are available in Canva – Photo editor, Background removal, Drawing shapes
  • Also we can edit small videos
  • Simple animations

2. Gimp

Gimp - free graphic design software

Gimp is a free graphic design software in the internet. It is worked on the basis of raster graphics. Gimp is best for image editing and creating graphic design elements and other type of arts.

Another important key factor is that Gimp is a free software means you can change it’s source code and distribute your changes.

It also has an ability to work with plenty of third party plugins that will help you to design more easily.

You can download Gimp in – Windows, Linux and Mac versions

Features of Gimp

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can extend with plugins
  • High level of Customization

3. Blender

Blender - free graphic design software

Blender is a an opensource free 3D software. It is an open source software, so you can make changes in source code if you needed.

It is a best free 3D graphic design software for rendering, modeling, sculpting, animation & rigging, VFX and much more.

Also blender is used for video editing purpose. We can do actions like video cuts, audio mixing, color grading etc.

Features of Blender

  • Interface can customizable
  • Free to use
  • Well documentation
  • Support communities
  • Ultra-realistic rendering

Blender is available in – Windows, Mac and Linux versions

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