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5 Crucial Ways for Earn Money As A Web Developer

Everyone is suffering from morning to evening, why?. Only one answer is for cash. If you are a web developer, today’s blog post on 5 best ways to earn money as a web developer. I would love to share here some of the best ideas I know and do. Thank you for your interest in reading my article.

You may have learned web development with a lot of difficulty. But is it not possible to generate income from it as you intended? Or you may not get the salary that suits your needs from the company you work for. This blog is for those who are like that. Through this article I explain 5 best tactics for earn money as a web developer.

Are you ready? Ok Lets jump into the topic.

1. Freelancing on web development

 Freelancing on web development

About 50% of people are doing freelancing as a part time in web development field. But only about 25% of people succeed. Why is that happening? I also struggled a lot to get work like this in my early days of freelance. Done a lot of mistakes and I learned from there. Let’s see how I can succeed in web development as a freelancer from my best knowledge.

Key factors to succeed in web development as a freelancer

  1. Think freelancing as a main stream of income – Many people think I have a good job as a web developer at another company. I get a good income from it. So what you get from freelancing is extra cash. Even if you have not gotten a freelance job consistently, you may think that it’s okay. But that is a big mistake. If you lose your job suddenly, your income will stop. If you think you can go freelancing right away, you may not get it. Keep up the good work, at least for a while. Make a good interaction with the client. Then if you have less time, slowly move on to work with someone else. Never leave a client.
  2. Maintaining good relationship with clients – In freelancing you are the boss of yours. You have to do everything here as you would in a company. So you have to talk to the customers. Their doubts must be answered. You need to give them good guidance in a timely manner. Only then can you stay in the web development freelancing business if you maintain a good relationship with them.
  3. Timely delivery – Another important thing is to get the work done on time. If you can not get it done on time, call the client directly. Specify the real reason. Ask for more time after the date. Always be honest with the client.
  4. Maintain Discipline – Discipline is the most important thing. It’s great to carry it not only at work but also in life. Keep track of the tasks you have to do each day and keep them in perspective.

Where to get freelance web development jobs

There are many freelance websites available today. But before that, put an ad on social media with your profile. This is one of the best ways to get the most out of your work. My first work came after advertising on social media. Then you will get more jobs as you build relationships with customers.

Now if you are looking for a job through freelance websites then it may be a little difficult to get a job at first. Especially if it is a fresher. There will be good competition on such sites.

Best websites to find freelance web development jobs

I’m mentioning a few websites that have a chance to get a job back from a plenty of websites.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Guru
  5. Peopleperhour

2. Start a SAAS Business

To start a SASS business
SAAS Business

Software as a service is the full form of SAAS

Today, one of the main sources of income for many IT companies on the Internet is through the SAAS business. SAAS is a web application that creates, hosts, and distributes information to the public. You can use that service by giving a small amount. An example is an online converter.

If you also have coding skills, you can make and host applications like this and make money. Now you have the opportunity even if you do not have much coding skill. Codes can be purchased from codecanyon and hosted such application on internet. Some people are also trying this kind of time saving options.

How to start a successful Sass business?

  • To build a plan before start a Sass business
  • Troubleshoot your master plan
  • Do some research and analysis
  • Finally set up a brand idea from that
  • Clear the legal procedures
  • Plan about the financial part
  • Build your creative team
  • Development stage
  • Marketing the product using best strategy

3. Start a Blog

To start blog website

Many people start blogs with great enthusiasm but it is common for them to stop halfway through. Probably this is because of not getting good earnings from blog. One understanding thing is that blogging is an area that is accepted by many as a profession today.

You too can make money from blogging if you work hard. There are a lot of things to learn before blogging. I will mention a few of them here.

  1. Under standing of SEO(on page and off page)
  2. Link building strategy
  3. promotion through social medias
  4. Google analytics and search console

You’ll be able to generate revenue from your blog through Google’s AdSense as well as many other advertising platforms.

Check this out for more details about how to do blog more successfully

4. Affiliate Marketing

Earn from affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that works on a commission basis. We market and sell someone else’s product. Then you get a portion of it as commission. Anyone can do this online. Even large companies are now promoting affiliate marketing.

That’s all you need to know, Sign up for affiliate websites. Once signed, they will give a link to each product. Promote your product with that link. If anyone purchases a product using that link, you will receive a commission.

One thing you need to pay attention to. No one buys products simply by clicking on the link. All you have to do is make good posters and give it a specific promotion. Only then will people pay attention and buy through the link you provided.

Best websites for affiliate marketing

In following I mention some of the affiliate websites that you can earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business that you can do as part time even if you are a web developer.

5. Investing on share market

Invest and earn from share market

Most people see the stock market as a nightmare. Because most people have heard the story of those who lost money after investing in the stock market. Thus, half of those who have lost money may not have a clear idea about it.

Once you have clearly learned about this, you can trade without losing money. When buying shares, buy only after you have thoroughly learned about the company. If you do not have an idea about it, ask someone you know.

And there is always a risk involved. So this is something that needs to be done very carefully. Your life can only move forward if you take a little risk.

Leading Share Market brokers


Here are five part time business you can do as a web developer. Of course you can do any of these. You do not need to invest your entire time in all these jobs. If you set aside some time every day for this, you can make a good income from it. Whatever job you choose, go for it only after you have learned it well.

Take risk, leave well

Also I have mentioning some of the useful part time business.

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