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How to earn money from Instagram in India? Unexplained

Instagram is one of the top social media platform in current world. So most of the people are looking for how to make money from Instagram. Toady I will explain complete unexplained story about how to earn money from Instagram in India.

Before we start we can check the popularity in India for Instagram. Then you can understand the importance about this topic – “How to earn money from Instagram in India? Unexplained

Statistic: Leading countries based on Instagram audience size as of October 2021 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

According to Statista study shows, over 201 million Indian users are using Instagram as there entertaining platforms.

The fact that so many people use Instagram in India generates a lot of traffic on Instagram. Why can’t we find a way to make money using these users? So lets move on to the topic.

Top ways to earn money from Instagram in India

  • Make Sponsored Post
  • Use Instagram to showcase your skill
  • Do affiliate marketing through Instagram
  • Become an Instagram Trainer or influencer
  • Sell the Instagram account.
  • selling a physical or digital product
  • Teach Instagram marketing

1. Make Sponsored Post to earn Money from Instagram

Before you go to sponsored post you must have good amount of followers to your Instagram account. You ensure that you can make influence on your followers.

make Sponsored post to earn money from Instagram
Sponsored post to earn money

In internet, plenty of SPONSORES are looking for social media influencers. That for promoting their product or service in online platforms. Try to find that kind of people in internet and make a deal with them.

In promotion area, first customer is more valuable than any others. Because Only by marketing the first customer well, will you be able to tell that success story later and win over more people to you.

Posts may be some kind of edited image or video. Your goal should be make the audience to buy their service. Another one important thing is that you must be open and true to your customers. Otherwise you will be lose your credibility.

100% of followers are expected from you is that honesty and helping mentality. Be yourself, people will definitely follows you.

If you are beginner in Instagram marketing, try to join Instagram influencer marketing platforms and learn how to do it. It will help you to grow your brand awareness and reaching new audiences.

Top Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms

The above platforms are help influencers to meet SPONSORES in there. Also learn from another influencer. It can make your performance more better.

2. Use Instagram to showcase your skill

Showcase your skill on Instagram

Do you have any special skills?. Try to make this as an income. Set a gallery for that prove your skill. Gallery should be more attractive and focusing on your special skill.

For example, you are good in cake making. Use this skill as your key to followers. Make photos or videos for different type of cake making. Instead of normal photo, make some editing in your shots. You are not an expert on editing, approach a freelance designer for your editing purpose.

Then you can share your photos to followers for making impression. This approach will certainly get some benefits from followers. On your growth give some offers or giveaways for your clients. This will make huge impact on your sale. Thereby you can convert your business as a professional brand.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing through Instagram

First what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that promote third party product or service and tell them to buy it. Now you are wondering, how this helpful to me. The answer is very simple. we can get a commission for your promotion.

There are lots of companies are promoting their products through affiliate marketing. You simply go to there website and register for affiliate marketing. After registering, select their products and marketing by using there affiliate link. You can use any online platform for your marketing.

My personal preference is more to Instagram. Why? Because of it’s popularity in current time. Make some promotional posters that helpful for the particular product. Posters have attractive element that make impression from the customer. If you are not familiar for creating posters use Canva. This is an online platform that help you to make attractive posters.

The important thing is to remember that you may share affiliate link with each post. But the Instagram doesn’t support paste any link in your post. The only area that will allow for the link is that Bio link in your profile.

Instagram bio link help for affiliate marketing
Instagram Bio link

Make a landing website page and give the created link in bio section. The landing page contain many post and also they have mention the particular post. Then it can redirect to the product site. This is one of the good way for make an impression on customers.

You can paste affiliate link direct in Instagram bio section. This is also an another option but it is not a good practice.

5 Best affiliate programs in India

Many of them are making money from doing affiliate programs. 5 Best affiliate programs that help you to make passive income from online. Join any of the affiliate programs below and make money from online.

After registration you can choose Instagram (I recommended) as your default marketing tool. Create beautiful posters for the particular product and make a lead to their website.

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4. Become an Instagram Trainer or Influencer

Instagram Trainer or Influencer

You are spending lots of time in social medias, especially in Instagram?. Then you can convert valuable time for training the other Instagram users.

For example you are passionate about body fitness workouts. Tell the other Instagram users to tell your story about fitness. In current time lot of guys are making interest in body fitness. Try to post some cool tips about fitness. Make some attractive video. Go to some live video section for your training time.

If they are really attracted in your video, offer some pro package about your training. This will help you to get some income through Instagram. Also you are big influencer in your field, Instagram allows you to earn money with the help of IGTV Ads, Branded Content, Badges etc.

Statistic: Digital advertising revenue in India from financial year 2008 to 2020 with a forecast until financial year 2022 (in billion Indian rupees) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As the graph shows, In financial year 2021, the revenue generated by digital advertising across India was valued at around 223 billion Indian rupees. This shows peoples interest in advertising. So make videos. Find some Sponsores for you videos.

Instagram also provide different types of advertising formats.

  • Video ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads
  • Collection ads

So don’t waste your time, make Partner with your favourite brands in Instagram.

5. Sell the Instagram account to earn money from Instagram

Sell Instagram account for earn money

If your account has good followers, you can get money from that account by selling it. People interested in your profile will definitely approach you. At this point you can make a good deal with them and sell to a good amount. There are a lot of names among us who make money like this. If you can not sell your account for a good amount, I will introduce some websites that will help you.

Best websites to sell or buy Instagram account

These are the best websites to sell Instagram account safely. You can get best rate from there. They can take some commission is charged for successful transactions. Not only can you sell from these sites, you can also buy Instagram accounts.

6. Selling a physical or digital product

For selling product through Instagram you have an active Instagram business account. With Instagram Shopping, people can buy your products directly from your posts. Create attractive posters that helpful for buying your products.

Give replay for every message that help you to grow your brand. In starting time give some offers to clients. Every one have interested in offers and some free stuffs.

Tips for how to sell products on Instagram

  • Open your secrets behind your products to the public
  • Send posters about your products in repeated times in a day
  • Provide previous customers feedback to other customers
  • Try different post formats using Instagram Shopping
  • Give necessary hashtags for your products that help you to reach more customer
  • Include a call to action in your every post caption
  • create some tutorials about your service and products

7. Teach Instagram Marketing

Teach about Instagram marketing

You are a good influencer in Instagram?. Then teach “Instagram marketing” to other Instagrammers. A good amount of people are don’t know how to marketing properly through Instagram.

Tell them to your story that how you successful in Instagram marketing. Prepare a mini course for that. Sale it through Instagram or any other platforms like Udemy.

The course contain interactive section for the customer to grab their attention. Also provide a questionnaire section for your course. On growing you can setup a group for your students for sharing there doubts. Try to maintain active in each day.

Before you go on training, be sure to check out other training programs. How they take classes for others. What materials are being used? Then think about how you can train one step ahead of them. Give some best offers. Try to make content as simple too understand.

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Frequently asked questions?

Does Instagram pay money?

The answer is yes. Instagram pay money through different types of advertising formats. The Important things is that you have enough followers in your Instagram account. Advertising formats like video ads, IGTV Ads, Shopping ads etc. you can participate Instagram Advertisement campaign for earn money on Instagram.

How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

An ideal followers strength atleast 1000 followers. It is only one of the criteria. The another important fact is that the amount of traffic for your post and your profile. You should maintain enough traffic for your account before applying for Instagram ads.

Do you get paid for views on Instagram reels?

Yes Instagram pay back you on the basis of views per reels that you get. if you have enough followers following on Instagram you can earn a lot from it. Facebook plans to invest over $1 billion in programs By the end of 2022 for creators on Instagram and Facebook. Helpful article how I Made an Easy $90 With Instagram’s New Reel Monetization Feature By Posting Cat Videos


At the end of this article you can find that there are different ways to earn money from Instagram in India. We manage to make some graph for how Instagram makes trends in India. Lots of people are spending time in Instagram that leads advertisers to promote their business through Instagram.

So if you are an Instagram influencer having plenty of followers can earn money from Instagram. This archive by through different types of advertising formats in Instagram. Also you can earn money by through Sponsored post in your videos.

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