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10 Important Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

If you are a graphic design beginner you may not be able to do good designs for several reasons. This is often due to a lack of proper training while studying graphic design. Or it may be that the acquired graphic design knowledge is not being used properly. So we are mentioning important graphic design tips for beginners.

We are covering some basic and advanced graphic design ideas for beginners. You can master graphic design if you incorporate in your design the effective graphic design tips that are covered here.

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

  1. Make some basic idea about designing
  2. Choose proper Graphic design software for designing
  3. Make an idea about resolution, color mode and what you are going to design
  4. Choose a proper color theme
  5. Importance of typography in your design
  6. Alignment and spacing
  7. Make balance in your design
  8. Avoid more colors
  9. Ask experienced designers for feedback.
  10. Output settings

1. Make Some Basic Idea about Designing

Make some basic idea about designing is the first Graphic design tip for beginners”

If you are a beginner in graphic designing or a non designer first you have to make some basic idea about designing. what is Graphic designing?, What are the tools used for designing and what type of graphics are using today.

So when we design, we need to choose graphic design software that is compatible with our design. Only then can our design be done well. First of all, let’s see what are the different computer graphics.

Computer Graphics

vector raster graphics
  • Raster graphics
  • Vector graphics

Raster graphics are graphics that work at the base of pixels. Pixels is a small block element. Such software works by combining a lot of such pixels. Once you zoom in on such software you can see the pixels. Therefore, if you zoom in on the work done on such software, you will see less clarity.

Example – Adobe Photoshop

Vector graphics have no pixels. No matter how zoomed in, the design will be flattened. You will see sharp edges and lines in it. Therefore, there is no loss of clarity. Main uses such software to design logos and illustrations.

Example – Adobe Illustrator , Corel Draw

If you are editing an image or doing other image related tasks then raster graphics are best. Logo, illustrations or other nice sharpen designs that are done will be using vector graphics.

2. Choose proper Graphic design software for designing

Before you design you choose a better graphic design software for your design. The software you chosen may be incorrect in that case you may find difficult to design well. If you want designs that are sharper or have a little more clarity, vector software may be better. But with such vector software it can be difficult to make image color corrections or other image editing.

But raster graphics software is the software that makes such editing easy. In some cases, you may have to work on more than one piece of software, which can be used interchangeably as needed.

Raster graphics and Vector Graphics

Adobe PhotoshopRaster
Adobe IllustratorVector
Adobe InDesignVector
Affinity Designervector and raster
Raster Software vs Vector Software

3. Make an idea about resolution, color mode and what you are going to design

Important things to remember in graphics Resolution vs Color mode [Tip for beginners and non Designers]

Resolution and color mode are two of the most important things to consider in graphic design. If any one of these changes, the design output we get will be different. Now let us see what the resolution is and how to give the resolution.

Tips and Information’s about resolution in graphic design

Simply resolution is defined as number of pixels in a square inch area. The greater the number of pixels per square inch area, the greater the clarity. Therefore, for each artwork we design, we need to give a resolution accordingly.

The following is the resolution we usually give to the artwork we design.

  • For print design, most commonly resolution will be 300 PPI(pixels/inch)
  • One exceptional case in print design – in Flex print resolution will be 72/96/150(PPI) accordingly
  • For digital design resolution will be 72 PPI (Digital design means designs we are watching in any digital screen like mobile, LED screen etc)

Tips and information’s about color mode in graphic design

All colors are form from some base colors. When these base colors are combined in certain proportions they become another color. On this one basis there are many different color modes in graphics. They are

  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key color)
  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Lab Color
  • Gray scale

In this CMYK and RGB are most commonly used color mode in graphics. In print design we are most commonly used color mode is CMYK. One exceptional case is that in photo print we are using RGB color mode.

If you are designing for digital devices RGB is most widely used color mode. The main difference between CMYK and RGB is that the colors in RGB is much brighter than CMYK. So that was the reason for photoprint we are using RGB color mode.

So color mode and resolution are the 2 main Important Graphic Design Topics for designers.

4. Choose a proper color theme

tips for graphic designers- learn how to use colors
color basic concepts

This is one of the other important graphic design tip for beginners. One of the things that many beginner designers done is that they did not design in a color theme. Many people use a lot of colors in designing. Because of that their design does not makes any impression.

Color theory is something that designers learn by first. In color theory you learn how to basically add colors. If you do not have a clear idea about it, you will not be able to advance in the field of design.

Check out basic color theme theory – color theory in advanced

5. Importance of typography in your design

graphic design tip for beginners-importance of typography
Typography Examples

Typography is the arrangement of different types of text. In graphic design work, if the texts are all the same size and color, the artwork will not have any beauty. Therefore, in design, artwork can only be beautiful if the texts are arranged in different ways. Therefore, typography is a very important task in designing.

Provide text size and color changes that are immediately noticeable in designing. When that happens, people will immediately notice such passages. For example, suppose you are referring to an offer in a design. In that case we have to give that part of the text in bold and different color coded. In doing so, it gets more and more people’s attention.

If you are a graphic design beginner, learn these typography tips. Refer to Experienced Designer Works. Some designers have their own unique typography. So when referring to a number of designs you too will have an idea about typography.

6. Alignment and spacing [Important Graphic Design Tips for Beginners]

Alignment and spacing is another problem that arises in designing for graphic design beginners. In designing, each object should be placed in the area that suits it as required. Only then will the design improve. Set the spacing between each object in the design to be correct. Most graphic design software has tools for alignment.

One of the easiest things to do is to divide your design into sections. Dividing like head area, footer, content area and so on. Blank space is one thing to keep in mind when designing. Avoid unnecessary blank spaces in your design. Such spaces are called negative spaces in design.

7. Make balance in your design

If a design is to be well done, it must be done with a lot of things. We call such design as balanced design. Let’s take a look at what it takes to design a balanced graphic design.

  • Limited number of color combinations
  • Appropriate usage of apt image
  • Aligned objects and text
  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid negative spaces
  • Good typography

When all of the above are combined, the design is stunning. Only when we do such things will we have a clear understanding of it.

8. Avoid more colors

If you use a lot of colors in the design you are doing, the design will not look good. All you have to do is select a base color and choose complementary colors for that color. For example, if you select the color blue, then choose different shades of its color. One of the key concepts of using color is to design and study the Limited Number of Colors Use.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is if you are designing for a brand then pay attention to the colors used in their logo. Use such colors as much as possible in the rest of their design work. Doing so will boost the brand identity of that company.

How to master in using colors

Color Basic concepts

9. Ask experienced designers for feedback

One of the best tips for beginners in graphic design is to learn from experienced designers. This is because of the mistakes they have made while designing for so long and the design experience they have had along the way, which will help them to move your career forward in a positive way.

Also, one of the best things you can do in designing is to study the designs of such experienced designers. You will get a good design experience from it.

You take maximum references in designing. Collect many printed design works by many designers. As well as digital works. Take it all in stride. What is the difference between the designs. What is lacking in each design. It would have been nice to have added something to this design. Make a conviction about such things.

Then redesign and study such designs in your own way. So you can make your own mark in designing.

10. Output settings

Another graphic design tip is in the output settings. The output will depend on what you value in the new file settings. Below are the things you need to look out for before you pick up the output.

  • If you are taking designs to print, then all the text in designs are converted into shapes.
  • If you are sending a work file to a printable location, please send it as a package. It contains the font and images you use, as well as all the details related to your design. Sporting such a package allows them to use your work file without modification.
  • Then before you take the output you have to make sure that the resolution and the color mode is correct.

Wrapping Up

If you are a graphic design beginner looking at the important things to look out for in designing. In it we ghostly look at alignment, resolution, color mode and typography. Such things affect our designing in a positive way. So it would be good to have a clear understanding of such things. Only by incorporating the 10 important elements of graphic design mentioned above can you say that your design is a balanced design.

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Graphic design tips for beginners -FAQ

1. How can a beginner start graphic design?

You first need to build a skill in graphic design. Some people have such abilities by birth. Those who are not mold such skills. Then learn about Colors. Develop the ability to draw. Then you can use various tools to turn your idea into a canvas. Above all, ask and learn from a knowledgeable graphic designer.

2. What should a graphic designer learn first?

The first thing a graphic designer should do is to develop a skill in designing. For that, learn to draw and make an awareness of the colors. Learn how to use Colors. Then make some basic idea about how to make typography in your artwork. Only then go into the design software. There you can apply what you have learned in designing

3. Can I self teach myself graphic design?

Yes sure. If you have a basic idea to design, you can learn graphic design yourself. Lots of online courses and YouTube videos will help you with this. But some things can only be learned from experienced designers. There will be things they have learned over the years. But you have enough confidents, you can self teach in the starting off your carrier.

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