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How to get Sponsorship on Instagram – All you must know

How to get more publicity for a business? It’s through Advertisement. The very best way is that give sponsorship in different platforms and events. Today Instagram is the worlds popular online platform. so we can check how to get sponsorship on Instagram.

Today we have to pay a good price for what we advertise. It costs a fortune to advertise well professionally. So how do you advertise a business with less expense? The best way to do this is through social media. Instagram is at the forefront of that.

So advertisers give sponsorship through Instagram. Now how to get this sponsorship on Instagram through your Instagram account?.

The main factor is that you have a good influencer on Instagram. You must have a decent amount of followers. Influencer with minimum followers are also get sponsorship on Instagram.

The eligibility factor for getting Sponsorship on Instagram

eligibility factor for getting Sponsorship on Instagram
Eligibility factor for getting Sponsorship on Instagram

No one can ever sponsor a stranger. Sponsorships may still be targeted at a particular type of audience or ads that they offer for a specific purpose. Therefore, sponsorship is a way for you to reach their goal. There are a few things you need to follow if you want to be replaced by other influencers by you on Instagram.

Know your Audience and set up your Brand Identity for getting Sponsorship on Instagram

The first thing you need to do is create a brand identity. We need to follow some steps for that. Make sure you bring your own style to everything we do. It’s good to bring people’s attention to us. Sponsorship will be given only to accounts with good brand identity. So let’s check what are the factors to build a good brand identity.

Find your Niche

Find your niche in Instagam
find your niche

The first thing you need to find out is what your niche is. For example, if you are a graphic designer, make it your niche. Then you have to talk about this one topic.

If you find it difficult to find Niche, check out other Instagram accounts. What are they doing? What can we do? Let us first find out in which area our ability lies.

Then find the top Instagram accounts in that your specific niche. Notice what they do for followers. Note at least two or three accounts. Never copy their methods. So set up your niche with an inspiration from all of these.

Know Your Audience

Know your audience

First you have to know your audience. What people are looking for in your niche. How to answer it through our Instagram account. So many things we think about and strive for.

Where is the location of your audience and what is their age category? What time do they engage with your post? Make a clear overview of this.

Only if you understand your audience will you be able to find the sponsors who need your audience. For example, if your niche is concentrating on women, the sponsors should get or find that these women should be targeted

Only then does it make sense for the sponsor to make sponsorship. Therefore, we must have a clear idea of ​​what our audience is..

You Should Have at Least 1,000 Followers

The minimum requirement for sponsorship on Instagram is 1000 followers. Now companies say they want a range of 5,000 followers.

So first you have to give your priority to get a good percentage of followers. Make good posts to get followers. Share it. Use hashtags to make posts reach more people. People will definitely follow you if your content is good.

You can also use other social media platforms to gain followers. Share posts anywhere. Give your Instagram link in your post. That way they can see the rest of your posts and it leads they as you follower.

How to setup a brand identity for your Instagram account

Setup your brand identity in Instagram
Setup your brand identity in Instagram

If you want to stand out from other competitors in your niche, you need to create a unique brand identity for your Instagram account. Let’s see how we can create this brand identity.

  • Pick up a unique and catchy name
  • Choose a color theme for you brand
  • Create attractive an minimal Logo for your brand
  • Choose your Typography [ attractive font for all your work ]
  • Set up your brand guidelines
  • Give enough advertisement on social medias and local medium
  • Provide best customer support

Have a good engagement on your account for help to getting Sponsorship on Instagram

You still need to have user engagement in your account in order to receive sponsorship for your account. Present in a video form what they need or doubts they need to understand. Always be honest with them. Only then will the followers stay with you.

There are certain things that helpful for good engagement on your account for help to getting sponsorship on Instagram.

Post regularly with quality content

Post regularly with quality content
Post regularly with quality content

You post every day. In the early days always post a minimum of 2 posts daily at various times. Look at the Ongoing Time of your audience and post.

Always keep a minimum standard for posts. Choose a color theme. Follow that one color pattern in all posts. If you do not specialize in designing, consult a professional freelance poster designer.

If you are unable to post daily, you can schedule your posts using the Business Manager tool.

Best time to post on Instagram
Sunday8 AM – 5 PM
Monday11 AM – 1 PM
Tuesday10 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 1 PM
Thursday11 AM – 2 PM
Friday11 AM- 1 PM
Saturday10 AM – 1 PM
Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2022

Use hashtags and geotags

A hashtag is a great way to gain new followers. Use hashtags as needed in your posts. Instagram will allow you to post up to 30 hashtags. People have to search and come up with potential hashtags.

If you do not have any idea about hashtag, use Instagram hashtag generator tool instead.

It is also a good idea to do some research on the hashtags of your competitors. That way you can include good hashtags in your posts.

It is also a good idea to include brands in your hashtag where you are likely to get sponsorship. Because you will have a chance to get a lot of their attention to your posts. That way you have a chance to get a sponsorship.

Include contact information in your bio for help to getting Sponsorship on Instagram

One thing to remember is to give your contact information or landing page address in your bio link. A person will lose a business if they do not have the contact address when someone who is attracted to your content comes to sponsor you.

It is best to set up a landing page. Then you give that link as a bio link. Anyone who comes to the landing page can find out more about your service. And it’s a business standard.

Also give more information about your service in your bio section. This will allow the sponsor to find out more about you.

How to find sponsors on Instagram

There are several tactics you can apply to get sponsors on Instagram. You can also apply if you are a micro influencer in your niche.

Direct message to brands

First you have to find your sponsors that relating to your niche or they want our followers. For example, if your audience is youngsters and related to your Niche technology, you can definitely introduce new products that will attract them.

Find such omnivores for that. New mobile brand t-shirts for example and so on. Always the best way to get sponsorship is to approach them directly.

Once you find companies that have a chance to sponsor you, send them a direct message. Include everything related to your niche in the message.

Explain to them exactly what benefits they will get if you give them sponsorship. They will definitely contact you if they become convincing in your message.

You also include your Instagram account link in your message. That will help you to find your posts an other information.

Tag brand name in your post is helping to get Sponsorship on Instagram

Create posts that suit the company you are first targeting for sponsorship. For example, if it is a clothing company, you can describe the product in your post or highlight it in your post.

Post is type of an Instagram reels is help to get more attraction from followers.

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That way, an inquiry of your followers will appear on your profile. Never forget to tag the sponsors. When one or two posts are tagged as such the sponsors will pay attention and express interest in the sales partnership with you.

Get sponsorship on Instagram through Social book

social book for getting sponsorship
Social book

In Social book you can register as an influencer. You can find sponsors from there. Also you can collaborate with other influencers.

The major brands are looking for influencers in their region. if you have good amount of followers go and register with Social book. Social book has efficiently run and manage influencer marketing campaigns.

It has over 5 million influencer profiles with real-time data and plenty of search filters to find the right influencer for any brands. If you have better profile, chances of getting sponsorship is high.

Use this link to know more features about Social book

Get sponsorship on Instagram through

Shoutcart for get sponsorsip on instagram

Another import web site that you can register as an influencer is the shoutcart. In this website sponsors can make different ad campaigns through different influencers.

In their dynamic dashboard, track and statistics are available for all campaigns, find out exactly which influencer brings the most ROI.

Brands are providing staring range $10 for influencers for marketing their service or product.

For joining:- Shoutcart

How to find Instagram sponsorship for small accounts

Instagram sponsorship for small accounts
Instagram sponsorship for small accounts

Brands are also looking for sponsorship to small Instagram accounts. But even if you have fewer followers, their post engagement with you should be good. It means you have to be able to influence them well, even if they have few followers.

The main reason for getting sponsorship for small accounts is that they are cheaper to work with than regular influencers. They also have a higher engagement and a more targeted audience.

Instructions to get Instagram sponsorship for small accounts

  • Build your specific niche
  • High engagement rate
  • Follow top brands on Instagram and interact with them
  • Post quality content as twice in a day
  • Post your success story as an influencer if any

Faq’s about Sponsorship on Instagram

How to get sponsored on Instagram with 1,000 followers?

Yes you can get sponsorship even if you have 1000 followers. Followers is not a matter, but the only thing is that the overall engagement of followers in present time.

If you are a beginner stage try to offer some free sponsored post for brands. If the post you made for free could make a good influence you would have escaped.

Ask for a good review from the brand you did that for. Market that review for later business. Definitely sponsors watch the review video and you will be called for sponsorship.

How much Instagram pay for 10k followers in India?

Instagram is not give direct money for Instagrammers. Instagram does not cash in directly on the number of your followers. But you can make money using these followers. Mainly through Instagram advertising.

Join the Instagram partner with brands program and make money from that.

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There are several eligibility criteria for getting sponsorship from Instagram. Find your niche before you go sponsorship. Develop a good brand identity through it. Make good followers.

Only after this should you go for sponsorship. Content should be on a reel that does not annoy people when posting. It is better to videotape the posts. Once you can make good movement posts, more possibilities will come your way in the future.

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