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How to make money on Instagram by writing

Did you know that Instagram is being used as a livelihood by many more than just a social media platform? Many people today run their businesses through Instagram. If you know how to write well, you can also make money from Instagram. Today we are reveling the fact about how to make money on Instagram by writing.

There are some methods to make an income from Instagram. The main source of money directly get through from Instagram paid partnership with brands.

Some of the other ideas for making money from Instagram as listed below.

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Why Instagram is for making money?

The basis for saying that you can make money from Instagram is the huge number of people on Instagram and the traffic they generate. Used wisely: Transform this traffic on Instagram into your revenue.

There are so many other social media platforms in this world then why Instagram?. There are a lot of social media platforms but what sets Instagram apart from all that is its popularity.

A lot of people today are leaving Facebook and using Instagram. 1.386 billion people use Instagram today. What started out as an image sharing app, Instagram has grown and released a number of new features.

Why not make Instagram a popular way for us to make money. There are many ways to make money through Instagram but today we are going to discuss how to make money by writing.

There is no direct payment for writing from Instagram. Then what are the ways to make money on Instagram?

Let’s check

Best Methods To Earn Money From Instagram By Writing

You can make money by writing directly from Instagram, though not directly. Let’s see what that meth is.

Promote your Blog

Promote your blog through Instagram
Promote your blog through Instagram

If you can write well then writing a blog is the best way to make money. We can not write blogs directly on Instagram. If so, you may be wondering what’s the point of using Instagram?

I mentioned earlier about the number of people on Instagram. So after you write a blog you can come here and advertise your blog. That way you can bring traffic to your blog.

All you need to write a blog is a one website. You can own a website without spending a dime. Plus, you don’t need to study for any coding. Blogger and WordPress are the platforms that help in website creation without any of these.

Create a website and post good content. Generate site traffic. Instagram is the best way to do that. Make a post about your blog and share it on Instagram. Thereby linking to your website. But you can’t give a direct link on Instagram. So put your landing page link in your bio link (profile link).

So you can use Instagram to generate good website traffic. After 15 – 20 posts you can apply for monetization through Google Adsense.

Content or caption writing for make money from Instagram

Make money from Instagram by writing caption
Make money from Instagram by writing caption

The next best option is to generate revenue by writing captions and content. Big companies have people to write captions and content for. Captions are mostly used for social media posts and websites.

Many companies post content on Instagram without a good caption. You can contact such companies through Instagram and let them know your skills. Choose small companies initially. That should be a great way for you to get works.

If you are lucky you can choose to be their Content Writer. You may have a full-time job or a part-time job. If you are part time, you can work as a content writer in other companies.

How to approach companies for content writing

When approaching companies for content writing you should still have something in your hand that can impress them.

  • It is still a good idea to send mail when approaching companies
  • You should find an overall idea about the company on Instagram
  • Show me previous campaigns you have done through Instagram
  • If possible, take any old post on the company’s Instagram and present it in front of them with nice captions and content.

Write a Book and sell it through Instagram

Write a book and sell it through Instagram
Write a book and sell it through Instagram

If you know how to write good stories, this is their chance. They can write stories and make money through Instagram. First, write good stories in a way that people like. If it is not a good story, the chance of getting an impression among people is very less.

After writing the story, publish it online. Today there are many online websites to publish books.

Websites for publishing E-books

What is the role of Instagram in this? Make a short video about your story on Instagram. Video must be of good quality.

In short it should be like we watch a movie trailer. If you can not do it, spend a little money and get it done by a professional video editor. Then publish it on your Instagram page. Don’t forget to give the link to buy it. You can place the link in bio section.

So you can sell the book through Instagram and make a good income.


There are many ways to make cash with Instagram and writing is one of the best ways to make money. There is no cash flow for writing directly from Instagram, but there are many other ways to make money from Instagram.

The basis of the fact that you can ghostly make cash from Instagram is the popularity of Instagram among the people. Most people in the world today use Instagram. That’s why there is a lot of traffic on Instagram. This one traffic is the best basis for making money from Instagram.

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