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How to Make Money with Instagram Reels? Best ways in 2022

Instagram is one of the trending social media platform in world wide. Everyone is looking for how to make money with Instagram reels and money from other programs in Instagram.

In this article I will explain all the possible way to make money from Instagram reels. The only requirement for this is only the number of followers for your Instagram account. More followers can generate more engagement and money.

My friend Alberto makes $250 from Instagram Reels. How is this possible?. Well I have explain all the possible way to make money with Instagram reels.

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Possible ways to make money with Instagram Reels in 2022

  • Use Instagram reels to promote your products or service
  • Make Money with Instagram Reels by sell your products
  • Use Instagram reels ads to promote your product
  • Make money with Instagram reels by doing affiliate marketing

Use Instagram reels to promote your products or service

Instagram is the best platform for promoting your products or services. In Alexa ranking Instagram is on #22 on world wide. So everybody hang on Instagram for their entertainment purpose. Why not make Instagram a way to promote your service or products with so many users.

Make money with Instagram reels by promote your products or service
Instagram world rank

For below image you can see that offering service in web design. They are promoting service through Instagram reels. They also give landing page web address in their bio link area.

Make money with Instagram reels by promote your products
Instagram reels to promoting new UI/UX trends

Instagram reels are much powerful for make money with Instagram. Because most people do not like to watch big videos. It has to be good content to look like that. Always short videos say things very quickly. And more people like it.

So if people like seeing good reels they will definitely visit your profile and buy some of the service from you through bio link.

Benefits of promote your products or service use Instagram Reels

  • Get unlimited traffic to your landing page
  • Without any investment for promoting
  • Possibility to get more followers
  • Your brand will reach more people
  • Instagram reels provides more filters and predefined styles for your video (make video easily)
  • Use hashtag in reels to reach more people than usual

Make money with Instagram reels by sell your products

Instagram is a great way to sell your product. Make a good review reel about your product. Share it with your followers. Remember one thing you have to be a good influencer. Must have good followers.

Make money with Instagram reels by sell your products
Example for Amazon promoting to sell on amazon with a simple Instagram reel

The above image of sellersofamazon Instagram page promote to register user with Amazon. They make leads to amazon through their reels. In the post they give necessary information about products. This case the page provide a service to the followers.

That is free register on Amazon and sell your products. The only required parameter is the GST, PAN number and Email ID.

Also they give necessary hashtags for more post reach. If they have anyone interested in their service, click on the page link.

Make money with Instagram reels by sell your products

Then you can see that a bio link on the page. It will take it into a specific landing page. We can still give only one link on Instagram. That link should be a landing page for all your services.

In this case the link leads to their official Linkin home page. There they will provide the more details about their services or products.

You are still truthful. Only promote things that are real. Don’t make give any spammy or misleading links in your bio link.

So that’s the way you can make money with Instagram reels by sell your products.

Use Instagram Reels ads to Promote your product

This is one of the method for making money from Instagram reels. The only thing is that it requires some investment for promoting your products through Ads.

If you place an advertisement on the Instagram Reel, it will show up with the Reel. Your ad will appear there as people swipe the reel.

It shows your brand name. Below that it says Sponsored. The ad will be accompanied by a description of your product and a Shop Now button below it.

If you click on the shop now button, it will redirect to your landing pages. But the major disadvantage of this method is that it require some investment for showing ads.

Once on the landing page visitors can sometimes buy your service and find a good source of income for you through the Instagram reels. This way you can promote your product trough Instagram Reels ads and make money from it.

Requirement to run Instagram ads on reels

Instagram reels Ads only work on certain campaign types. Those are

  • Website Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Conversions

Make money with Instagram reels by doing Affiliate Marketing

The another good option is that make money with Instagram reels by doing Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting or sell third party product or services. Then we can earn a commission from that.

To know more about affiliate marketing and how to make money from it, check the links below.

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How to earn money from Instagram in India? Unexplained

Make Instagram reel about the product you want to promote. Explain the major features and descriptions in the Instagram reel. The video should be 1080px x 1920px. Otherwise it will make error for uploading videos.

Another criteria is that the video length. The reel must be 30 sec total time.

You don’t forget to place bio link in your profile for the particular landing page for the particular product for promotion (affiliate products).

There are plenty of affiliate marketers are present in internet.

Major affiliate programs that helpful for make money through Instagram Reels


We are looking some really helpful methods to make money with Instagram reels. Most of the methods are don’t make any initial investments. Each topics explain step by step. They also give some real screen short to prove the particular topic.

The only requirement factor is that you must be an influencer with lots of followers. Simply followers is the actual money. The main method for make money with Instagram reels is that – Promote and selling your products, Do affiliate marketing, Do Instagram Ads etc.

If you know more methods, please comment below. And don’t forget to share if you like.

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