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15 Greatest ideas on how to make money without any investment

Like you, a question that came to my mind was how to make money without any investment. So it took a lot of tapping to get an answer to this one question. Many needed investment but the returns were very low. Some made a good income but it was temporary. In this situation, the question of how to find income without investment is very relevant. This is because most people in the world suffer from the corona virus. The economic structure had collapsed.

Today in this article we will discuss 15 ways to make good money. It goes deep into a lot of things that you know and do not know. When there are several ways to make money without investment, we have to work accordingly. If you become a failure, do not give up. Constant effort is what keeps us moving forward. So let’s get to the point without wasting time.

15 best ideas on how to make money without any investment

  • Make money from social medias
  • Sell your skill
  • Tutoring
  • Drop shipping
  • Write Blogs
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content writing
  • Social media manager
  • YouTube earnings
  • Online surveys
  • Translation service
  • Buy & sell domains
  • Open a digital store
  • Offline jobs
  • Online Data entry jobs

Make Money from Social Medias

Make money from social media
Make money from social media

Today the influence of social media on people is huge. People spend most of their free time on online medias. Why not spend such spending time making money on social media. Without any expense from that too.

Statistic: Global digital population as of January 2021 (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

From the above graph you can see that, there is 4.2 billion active social media users in past year. From this one can understand how much social media influence has reached people.

Today, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the leading social media platforms. So let’s see how to make money from these medias.

Different methods for make Money from Social Medias

We can make cash from social media in many ways. Let’s see what those methods are.

  1. Provide training to other social media users – Many people do not know the proper use of social media. Then you can do the training for it on this social media for cash.
  2. Do affiliate marketing through social medias – Post affiliate link through social medias and earn from that.
  3. Selling your old stuff through social medias
  4. Sell your service – If you have a talent in any subject, you can make money by advertising that talent on social media.
  5. Sponsored Ads – If you are a good influencer, you can show other ads along with the content you are posting. You can earn a good income through it. Today many companies are coming forward to give such advertisements.

If you are really interested in this content I will also give some valuable information about how to make money from Instagram & Facebook

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Sell your skill for making money without any investment

Sell your skill for making money without any investment
Sell you skill

Wealth is your ability. This is a great way to make money if you have any personal skills. For example, if you are good at graphic designing, that’s the way you can make money. Nowadays more and more people are spending cash on advertising. Ads are mostly on online compared to offline Ads.

If you are interested in designing, make posters, brochures and logos for companies. This is an area where there is a lot of potential for logo design today.

If you are not very good at your skills, you can look at free media like YouTube and learn from that.

You can share your talents to people through social media. Then people can contact to you if they have any requirements. Or you can find your skills and work from a lot of freelance websites and make money.

Top freelance websites for make money

All kinds of work are available on such websites. In my opinion it would be a bit difficult for beginners to get jobs on freelance websites like this. But once you get it, people will have more confidence in you and then give you jobs continuously.

How to get your first online jobs from freelance websites

Do online tutoring for make money without any investment

Do online tutoring for make money without any investment
Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the best ways to make money if you some skill in any subject. You can take classes not only online but also offline.

When I was studying, I used to train children who were younger than me. It was a small source of income for me at the time. You can earn a small income by taking classes like this. You can do this at home.

Today, in the present scenario, the demand for online classes is higher than for offline classes. Internet is required when it comes to online classes. Classes can be taken through your computer or mobile phone if you have one.

There are many websites out there today that can help you take classes for children in online.

Online tutoring sites for teachers

Top 5 Websites for Online Tutoring in this days

Best applications for taking online classes from home

Today there are a lot of applications to take online classes. Some of them are free service but some are also paid service.

  • zoom – Zoom is widely used platform for online meeting. It has free service for personal meeting. We can host up to 100 participants. Its main advantage is that you can only use 40 minutes of free time for a group meeting. Once it is loose we will have to pay cash and upgrade. The advantage of this is that if it is a two-person meeting, we can attend the meeting continuously for up to 30 hours.
  • Google Meet – This is a best powerful tool for Taking online classes and meetings. In the early days, video calling had no limits. But now it has been reduced to 60 minutes. If we take classes or hold meetings, up to 25 people can attend at the same time. If you need to spend more time with more people attending, you can upgrade to Cash.
  • CISCO WEBEX – If it is a free package, we can add up to 100 participants in one meeting. In addition, Cisco offers 50 minutes of free video calling. And their plans are much cheaper than others.

Drop shipping – The best way to make money without any investment

Drop shipping - The best way to make money without any investment
Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a commission-generating program with no investment. I can illustrate this with an example. In this process there will be three people, a buyer, a seller and an intermediate person. You are the one who stands in that intermediate.

Suppose you know a place or person who sells a product at a low rate. Then make a good poster about the product and share it with people. Any buyer who sees this poster will approach you. Then you will place an order to the seller by the actual rate. It then buys your commissioned price from the buyer. So the actual price will be paid to the seller and a small commission will be put in your pocket.

Let see with an example.

Seller Actual price = $2000

Assume if an intermediate commission is 20%, then the price will be $2400.

Quote the price to Buyer = $2400

Actual price to seller = $2000, then our commission will be $400.

Advantage of Drop shipping

  • Dose not need any warehouse
  • Save time and effort
  • Without any investment
  • Scalability

Write Blogs to make money without any investment

Write Blogs to make money without any investment
Blog writing

Most people know what a blog is and how to write a blog. Blog writing is one of the best ideas you can do without spending money.

Today’s blog is about learning something in depth and writing about it. You can use online media or websites to blog. Most people blog on websites.

So your question is, isn’t it a lot of money to start a website? Today blogs can be started with zero investment. There is no need to spend a single penny at any stage.

Best free blogging platforms

What are the factors considered to be write a good blog

There are a lot of things to consider when we write blogs. We can only make money from good blogs. Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind when writing a blog.

  • When writing a blog, the content should still be in the volume
  • Very good if it is above 1000 words
  • Content should be SEO friendly
  • Use good quality images and infographics on your blog
  • Use necessary heading tags inside blog
  • Create some internal and external links
  • The tittle should contain targeted keywords
  • Give some proper meta description
  • Do some off page SEO

Isn’t it enough to write good blogs and earn income from it? Google AdSense is a program that helps with that. There are many other advertising programs, but Google AdSense leads the way. Because AdSense gives good returns to bloggers.

Google ads will show up on our website if you ask what works and how. When those views are viewed or clicked by the viewers we get a small share from it.

Please follow their conditions first before applying to Google AdSense. Only then can you apply or your request will be rejected.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that has been said many times on this website itself. Affiliate marketing is also a source of income that works on a commission basis. We can earn a commission by helping to sell a company’s product. This is a way of not requiring investment.

do affiliate marketing for make income
Affiliate marketing

There are many affiliate programs available today. Once registered on such affiliate sites there will be a lot of products to sell there. Choose the products we like from it. Then they will give us a link. If someone purchases with that link, we will get a small commission of it.

Best Affiliate programs that helps to make money

  1. Amazon Affiliate program
  2. Hostinger Affiliates
  3. Click Bank Affiliates
  4. CJ Affiliate Program
  5. eBay Partner Network

Content writing

do content writing or making extra income
Content writing

Content writing is a great way to make money if you know how to handle the language well. Companies need good content for their websites or any other form of marketing.

If you want to create content like this you can apply to companies. Today many companies are looking for content writers part time. You can join this type jobs either part time or full time. You do not have the investment required to this post. Your creativity is the only investment in this.

One of the requirements for this is proficiency in the English language. English is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the world. That is why most companies do content writing in English. You can apply for a job like this after improving your English proficiency.

Which Websites Get Content Writing Jobs?

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is one of the best websites where you can find content writing jobs. It even has profiles for companies of international standard. You can apply directly to companies using this sites.
  • Indeed – We can find content writing jobs from this website. The best part of this is that you can even find local jobs in your city.
  • Freelancer – This site is the paradise of freelancers. You can find a lot of jobs from this. It also includes content writing jobs.

Social media manager

Most companies today have social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is because of the fact that people spend more time on websites like this. That’s why companies’ ads and offers are posted through pages like this.

Usually someone who does on the social media handle is hired to create and share such posts. Not in small companies but big companies need it today.

It takes a little creativity to create posts. This is a good job for someone who is interested in designing. Good posts attract people. So if you do not make good posts you will fail in this field.

YouTube earnings

In the beginning, YouTube was an area where no investment was required. You can earn a good income from what the channel started. Many have even quit their jobs and become full-time YouTubers. The uniqueness of this is that anyone can start. There is no age restriction. Plus, there did not have any previous experience for starting a YouTube channel.

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

When starting a channel, it is best to do so without spending too much cash in the beginning. Many have seen the channel start and stop a few months later. Then you will not even get the money you invested. Learn about the YouTube channel well before launching it. Seek the advice of knowledgeable people. If you’re able to monetize the channel then you do not have to look for another way to make money.

Just follow the simple steps to start a YouTube channel.

YouTube monetization policies

  • Try to avoid copy righted contents from your video
  • Your channel has 1,000 subscribers before applying or monetization
  • You should have 4000 Hrs watching time from your video in 1 Year
  • Also YouTube’s guidelines and policies must be followed

Online surveys

Online survey

If you are looking for passive income without any investment, online surveys are best option for you. Do not expect a huge profit from this. The companies themselves are conducting polls and surveys for the data collection. Once we have answered such surveys, you can make a small amount out of it.

It can be transferred to your bank account through PayPal account. You can transfer only when the minimum payout has been reached. If we want to reach that minimum point, you have to do a lot of polls and surveys.

Best websites to take online surveys

  • Survey junkie
  • Toluna Influencers
  • Google survey
  • OnePoll
  • Marketagent

One thing to keep in mind is that many online survey websites will be scam and do not give any money. So before you start surveys, study well about that websites and then do the surveys.

Translation service

translation service
Translation Service

Translation service is the process of converting from one language to another. It can be in some languages ​​or translate voice into text and so on in translation.

The main areas that in translation are

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Educational
  • Political
  • Scientific

What are the eligibility factor for translation service?

  • Deep knowledge in languages
  • Time management
  • Willing to work on 24/7
  • Quality management

Where do we get translation jobs?

Translating is an area where you can do freelance without spending a lot of money. There are a lot of websites out there today that can find such jobs.

Buy & Sell domains

It is also called domain flipping. I’m just saying this is an option because it requires an initial investment. Only try to spend a few bucks if you have one.

You know what a domain name is. The domain name is, if you take Google for an example. This domain name plays a vital role in the growth of a website. So some domains are sometimes in good demand. When that happens we can buy such domains in advance and sell the rate to someone else for a higher rate.

So you need a small investment to buy it. But sometimes it can be sold for a double price. When doing these things, learn about the current demand and seek advice from someone who knows what to buy.

Domains ending in the .com .org extension are more in demand than any other domain.

Turn 10$ Into 1000$ By Flipping Domains

What are the cons of buy and sell domains(Domain Flipping)?

  1. It requires an initial investment
  2. There is always a risk involved
  3. Time consuming process – to get an outcome

GoDaddy and namecheap are the best two domain flip service provider in current time.

Open a Digital Store

open a digital store to make money without any investment
Digital Store

This is a way to give you a good income. Digital store means to sell a product digitally. For example, suppose you own a farm. You can find buyers online to buy vegetables grown there.

All it takes is one website. A digital store that includes all of your products. Once you have received such orders, you can pick up the orders and send them through a courier service. You do not need to know the coding to create a website. You can create websites using any free platform like WordPress. But this is a program that takes some time.

If you find it difficult to create a website like this, you can easily sell your products using Amazon’s sell on Amazon service.

Use Instagram as a Digital store instead of cart website

You too can start a digital store with your Instagram business account. There you can also set up a gallery of your product. You can also reset everything on Instagram if needed. If people are interested in your product then they will definitely buy your product.

Instagram is only used for setting a gallery page, if you want to make it as a cart you have to create a landing page.

Now you are think about, why do I waste my time to create such Instagram page instead of a fully functional cart website ? But the implication is that it takes a long time for us to start a website and make it popular. But there are a lot of active people when it comes to Instagram. You can also tag products in your gallery. By tagging like that a lot of people will come to your page and thereby increase your revenue.

Do Offline jobs for make money without any investment

Offline jobs are jobs that we can do other than online. If you do not have the expertise to work online, I would like to mention here the jobs that can be done offline. No investment is required for these offline jobs.

  • Offline Tutoring
  • Sell old stuffs
  • Catering Jobs
  • As a newspaper boy
  • Food delivery
  • As a helper in store
  • Do freelancing in your field

Offline jobs are always reliable. Because there is a physical deal will going on.

Online Data entry jobs

online data entry jobs
Online Data entry jobs

Data Entry Jobs will give us data to type in and submit it at the correct time. The Data that is given is sometimes in the form of an image. Today, many women have embraced Data entry jobs as a profession. The biggest advantage required for this is the typing speed.

Many of the websites we see online today are fraudulent. They light up and snatch the money away. They will also ask for the registration fee or they will not be able to contact you once it is paid. So there are a lot of issues with this. We need to be mindful of such things when we choose websites. Let me introduce a couple of websites to my knowledge.

Best websites for data entry jobs


We have seen a lot of work without spending money so far. It can be done online and it can be done offline. Choose jobs that suit your tastes. Some jobs bring good returns. But those jobs can be risky. Some jobs can be done easily but the income from it will be less. It is always better to do such work as part time. In my opinion we can only make a good profit if we are willing to take some risk. Whatever you do, give 100% dedication and do not invest money unnecessarily.

If this article is really helpful to you, please share to others.

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