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How to remove pimples in photoshop -Step-by-step guide

It’s a photoshop step-by-step guide for how to remove pimples in photoshop. This tutorial is for anyone to remove spots or pimples from an image without any special skills or deep photoshop knowledge.

There are plenty of tools or methods available in photoshop to remove pimples or spots. Today we are discussing about a photoshop tool that every graphic designer most like. Its an easy to use tool in photoshop for retouching.

So let’s check which is the most powerful tool in photoshop to remove spots (pimples).

What tool removes pimples(spot) in Photoshop?

The Spot Healing Brush tool is the best tool in photoshop to remove pimples. It’s the best tool to remove spotted unwanted pimples and dark marks.

By using the spot healing brush tool you can remove pimples with one click. Now we can move on to a step-by-step guide on how to remove pimples using the Spot Healing Brush tool.

Step 1 – Open the image to Photoshop

open image in hotoshop for removing pimples
Open Image in Photoshop

The first step is to open the Pimpled image in Photoshop. For that, go to the File menu in the menu bar of Photoshop. Select Open from it. Or press Cntrl + O on keyboard. The image should now be open in your Photoshop app.

2. Select Spot Healing brush tool for retouching skin

Spot Healing Brush tool is the best and easy to use tool for retouching images. For selecting Spot Healing tool press Cntrl or command + J in your keyboard. It will activate the healing tool. If the Healing tool does not appear when you press this shortcut, left-click and hold on the currently active tool. Then you can see the tools inside that tool. It will have the Spot Healing tool I mentioned.

Spot healing brush tool for retouching skin
Spot Healing brush tool

Make sure that, the Content-Aware option is selected from option bar area right below the menu bar.

Working of Spot healing brush tool in Photoshop

Spot healing brush tool is used for removing spots from an image. It is best suitable for removing pimples, shades or unwanted skin tone in any images. It is not best for larger area. For removing shades or pimples by just rubbing or clicked over the spots. It will remove the bad skin from the image.

3. Removing pimples or shades by using Spot Healing tool

Go to the area for removing pimples. To better use the tool, you can zoom in on the image a little bit. You can use Cntrl + ‘+’ to zoom in and Cntrl + ‘-‘ to zoom out.

The next step is the magic!. For removing pimples you can just click over the affected area. It will make vanish the pimples. You can use the tool all over the affected area by just clicking it

Image after removing pimples

Bonus Tip to smoothening skin

Retouching is not done by using that only one tool. There are some more tools are used for retouching the skin like the Clone Stamp tool and healing brush tool. In this tutorial, we don’t cover such a tool. Because it is a beginner-level retouching guide.

Now we can look at some filters and adjustments for making the skin smoother.

Skin smoothening using Photoshop filter

First let’s smooth the lip area on the face. Select the area of ​​lips for that. Any selection tool can be used for selection. I am using the pen tool for selection here. Activate the Pen tool by pressing P on the keyboard. Then click and select the lip area.

Make a selection path using the pen tool

After creating the path, convert it to selection by pressing Cntrl + enter on the keyboard. Then go to the footer of the layer panel. There you can see the adjustment layer option.

Hue Saturation option

Select the Hue / Saturation option from there. In the next upcoming window increase the saturation from there. Now you can see that the lips are getting a bit more color. Do the same for the upper lip.

Skin smoothening using Photoshop filter – Surface Blur

This filter is used here to make the skin a little smoother. The skin becomes slightly blurred when applying the surface blur. So use it only as needed. I only apply it here on Cheeks. For that, I select only the required area.

After selection give some feather to the selection. For that press shift + F6 on your keyboard. Here I have given it in 10 pixels.

Then go to menu bar ->Filter ->Blur -> Surface blur

Applying surface blur

Here I am not adding surface blur directly to the image layer. After making the selection, I have to make a copy of it. You can apply it directly to the layer. For making layer copy just press Cntrl + J.

Next go to Menu bar->Filter->Blur->Surface Blur

In the next upcoming window you can adjust the value of radius and threshold a little bit. Remember don’t give too much blur on image. It will remove natural skin tone.

That’s it.

Wrapping up

For removing pimples or marks can be easily removed by using a spot healing brush tool. It is a good option for photoshop beginners. If you are an expert in photoshop you can also use clone stamp, smudge, and burn tools for retouching.

For more skin smoothening you can apply surface blur on the image. No matter what kind of tool you use, make sure that the skin’s naturality is not lost.

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