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How does Instagram paying money for Creators to go live

Today we are going to discuss about how does Instagram paying money for creators to go live. You may think that this is a fake. At first I thought this was going to be fake. But that changed with the official announcement from Instagram. If you are a good influencer on Instagram you can make money too. That too came live on Instagram.

Instagram paying money for creators to go live

Making money on Instagram Live is through badges. Badges is like a feature that support for creators during the live video. Live video viewers can buy these badges and help them. Live viewers can purchase multiple badges during their live. Viewers can buy badges by spending USD 0.99, USD 1.99 and USD 4.99 increments.

What is badges and how this helpful for making money from Instagram live?

Badges is a live feature for supporting the video creators. Badge is look liked a heart shape icon. You can buy one badge at USD 0.99 and two badges at USD 1.99 and so more. You can see the badge you bought with your name. The more badges you buy, the more badges there will be.

make money from Instagram live
Showing Instagram badges with their names

People are showing their love and affection through likes and comments. So Instagram producers think instead of this people can show their love by buying badges. This is also helpful for the creators to create more beautiful content.

Set your goal for your live video. The goal should be pinned it as a comment. This will encourage more people to buy your badges. Don’t forget to thank before going to end the live.

The live viewers can buy badges up to $250. Remember this is not a subscription it will remain active only for up to duration of live video.

Make money on Instagram live

How can be turn on Instagram live badges

In Just simple steps you can Turn on live Instagram badges.

  1. Go to your profile icon and Tap Professional dashboard icon
  2. If your are eligible for monetization program, then you can see Setup badges icon
  3. After successful setting for set up badges, you can go for Instagram Live
  4. It will be automatically added to your lives ( This is only if your eligible for badges )

What are the eligibility criteria for getting badges?

There are some eligibility criteria before applying for badges.

  • Creators must have from UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico (current time)
  • Your age must be above 18+
  • Minimum of 10k+ followers
  • Also you have cover Partner Monetisation policies & community guidelines

You can check your eligibility criteria by tapping your professional dashboard.

What are the benefits of buying badges

Actually the viewers point of view, It’s not a big benefit thing. By watching the live video and buying badges means showing their gratitude and love towards the creator. It’s lot of helpful for the creator to create more beautiful content in future.

And that is not to say that it is utterly no benefits from that. If you buy multiple badges Instagram offers some cool features.

  • If you buy multiple badges and ask the creator a question, your question will be selected for the creator of that live video to see.
  • If you comment something on the live video, the creators can easily understand you are a valuable viewer and creator may be pinned your message.
  • After your message has been pinned, all the other viewers can see your name, your badges and your comment. It will result some publicity for you.
  • If you purchase three or more badges during an Instagram live, your profile photo will glow in the comments during that live video.


So far we are looking some real fact about How does Instagram paying money for Creators to go live. In my opinion it’s not a big source of income. You can make some part time income from it. The necessary things you must have large number of followers. Get money from Instagram live through the badges.

That is, when people buy badges, we get an income from them. If people want to buy a badge you have to have a good influence among them. They should like your content.

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