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How to Make Money from Home for Students-Secret Tips

Are you ready to make income from online!. Here is my secret tips about How to make money from home for students. I have lots of good and bad experience in my 7 years online marketing. Some of them are good job providers. But some others are scam. When you searching on internet, it will result thousands of online jobs. It is a difficult task to find a trusted online jobs from thousands of search result. Today you are going to be stop to find online jobs. Because I am sort out some of real free online jobs for students without any investment.

How to make money from home for students
Make money from home for students

I have mentioning only 100% reliable jobs. There is no registration fees or an other hidden charges. The only thing that consider, you must have computer or smartphone. In this day’s I don’t really think anyone don’t have a computer or at least a smartphone.

  • Start your own blog
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Take online Tuitions
  • Freelance Online work
  • Make money from YouTube channel
  • Make money from social medias
  • Marketing yours
  • Buy and sell domains
  • Money from Paid surveys

1. How to Make Money from home for students by making a blog website

Now you think about, how to make a blog website. I don’t have any experience in website development or I have not enough money to build this website. But don’t worry!. Nowadays lots of websites that makes your website more easily. Just by clicking and dragging, that makes your first websites more easily than hard coding. Then you can manage your posts, comments, SEO(search engine optimization) etc through the content management system.

Best free website builder for blogs

There are plenty of online platforms that allow free website creation and content management. This websites are 100% free for creating blogs or websites.

There is also a pro version that helps to improve your services. You can also check if you have enough money. Otherwise the free version is enough for creating beautiful blog website.

In CMS(content management system) websites have lots of predefined templates inside. Simply you can use this to make your free blog site. Also there provide free hosting after build your website. Also they have some other features like manage your post, manage your comments stuff like that.

How to Make Money From Blog for Students After Creating Such Website?

Now the question is after creating website for blog, then How to Make Money from this website. This is the interesting part in this section. After creating quality blog posts, next you can apply for monetization from google via google Ads.

But the important thing is that, before you going to apply, you must ensure that the site have enough website traffic that meet the google policies. In my opinion you don’t go for monetization after couple of months. First you must create content rich blog posts and make some campaigns for get enough site traffic. Campaigns are through social medias or any other platforms.

Another important factor is that to learn about SEO. Simply SEO means that some operations or data that helps to get traffic from search engines. The content that don’t met SEO things, the site becomes dead. So make some idea about SEO and apply in your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you have some marketing skills, then this is the best category to make money from home for students or anyone. In Affiliate marketing we can sell or promote third party product or service. Then we can make a commission from that.

Affiliate marketing helps to make money for students
Affiliate Marketing

You can use any of the online platforms to marketing their products. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anything. Simply explain the features of the product that you are marketing. Don’t forget to put some catchy images and title for that. It helps to attract people to buy their product.

After such some explanation for the product, then allow the users to buy their product from their site by using the given link from the affiliate site. In your post don’t use any direct long link to that particular product. Use some shortened url for the particular link. Link shortening by using free link shortening tool. If it is in shortened form just go and paste the link in your post.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites that helps to make money from home for students

There are plenty of websites that helps to make money from affiliate marketing. From many of the websites benefits are less. Today I mention some of the reliable and trusted websites that helps to do some affiliate marketing.

All of the above has simple procedures to register. Share their millions of products with your audience. Amazon affiliates give 10% commission for their product.

ClickBank give high commission rate compared to others. It offers products with subscription options. This means you’ll continue earning money long after their original sale.

3. Take Online Tuitions

Online tutoring for make money from online for students
Online Tutoring

Teaching is the best way to generate income. It is one of the best sources of income for those who have interest in teaching. This is an area where there is a lot of potential not only online but also offline. If you are studying, train lower class students. It will make the job a little easier for you. Because this subjects you have already studied it.

Number of websites that provide online tutoring. Students post their requirement in such websites. You just only find the particular request that you expert in. Follow the students for the further dealings.

Make some discussion about your teaching style and syllabus. If student is satisfied, then go to talk about your hourly charges and other related topics.

Finally set the class timing for your course. Classes can taken through google meet, teams or any other platforms.

Online Tutoring websites that help you to Make Money From Home for students

Best online tutoring websites that help you to find students.

4. Freelance Online Work

Freelancing plays a major role in make money from home. You have some skill in any area, then promote yourself as a freelancer. I am a big example of that. Top Freelancing jobs are follows.

Top 10 freelance jobs

  • Graphic designing
  • Content writing
  • Web designing
  • Social media managing
  • Editor
  • Accounting
  • Tutoring
  • Computer programmer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video editing

These are the some freelance jobs that you can make money even if you have any other job also. Most of these jobs are done through online. Following are some of websites that allow freelancing.

Freelancing Websites that Makes Money from Home for Students

As a beginner, it is a tough chance to make job from freelancing websites. Because customers they are not take any risk in there work. So everyone is looking for an experienced or talented one for their work.

Don’t worry!. You can also make some jobs as a fresher from freelancing websites. Get jobs by creating attractive quotation for that. In quotations you can mention your key skills and features. After getting some freelance jobs, customers become trusted in you. That will make some big impact in your freelancing carrier.

Freelancing websites for beginners and students

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5. Make money from YouTube channel

How to make money from YouTube
Make Success from YouTube

I know already you are heard about how to make money from YouTube channel. Because in current Covid-19 situation lots of people are make channel in YouTube and make revenue from that. Some of them are success others will fail. Most of them are make couple of videos. But the video doesn’t make any viewers from YouTube. Couple of months they realize that ‘This is not the right job for me’. They fed up and find another job.

I remember one thing be patient. Learn from your mistakes. Study the mistakes and how to overcome from that. That’s the point a successful YouTuber born.

Make a YouTube channel is an easy task. For making YouTube channel, you must have a gmail account. Then go to YouTube. Click on the Create a Channel. Next give an appropriate name for your channel. After creating channel you can add multiple users to access your account if it needed. Finally you can set some branding things like set banner, Basic info about your channel and profile picture etc. That’s it you can upload your first video in YouTube.

An important thing you have to remember, you must have follow a common pattern for your video. Quality and good content may affect in YouTube search results. Every uploading video you have to give focused title and keywords. This is help in YouTube SEO.

The important part is that how the YouTube payback to your good quality content. Pay backing by google monetization program. After 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months you can apply for YouTube monetization. So your interested in video making just create a YouTube channel and make money from that.

6. Make Money from Social Medias

Now you have wondering how we can make money from social medias. There are several ways to convert social media as a money making tool. In current time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the leading social medias. First you have to create an account from these three medias. Build well amount of audience in each platforms. Now you are a social media influencer. Now we can check how to use this audience to make money.

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how to make money from social medias for students
Make Money from Social Medias

Use Social Media Advertising

Every business needs and advertising to buy their product and service. For a startup business have face some difficulty to find good audience from starting stage. That’s why they approaching to good social media influencers for advertising their product or services. You can use your audience to introduce their services through your social media accounts. There you can make good income from that.

You are a beginner level just go and check how other social media influencers handling this type of marketing. Make some home works and make good advertisements for introduce their service.

Sell Your Products And other Services

You are running a business or anything use social media as cart web site. Facebook is running such kind of services called Facebook marketplace. Advertising in there to introduce your product. Also you can post some kind of video or image advertising to sale your product. Posts must include your contact details, web address etc. Your advertisement can make influence over the customer, it will definitely converted as a business.

7. Marketing yours to Make Money

Do you have enough skills?. Convert this skills to business. Tell them to all, I have some major skills in some kind of area. Your audience may be your family members or may be your friends. Also you tell them to share this to their audience also.

For example you are a graphic designer. You have some skills in logo designing, poster designing or any other. Then you marketing as “I am a Graphic designer and I have skills in…so and so”. When any of your friends have requirement for this area, then he or she remember you. Simply this is called marketing through word of mouth. Use your audience wisely. Try to make business from there.

8. Buy and sell domains

Domain is a string of text that help you to address your website. For example or etc. Instead of .com we can use .in, .net, .edu etc that used in various networking contexts for their addressing purpose.

Then how this domains makes income. First you have to purchase some domains may become popular in the future. This domain, which you bought for a small price, will soon be in demand. Then you can sell it at a good rate. Domains like .com especially have good values.

Before doing so, do a thorough study of the domain and the rest of it. Learn what domains you need now or in the future. Otherwise it leads to situation where the cash goes away.

9. Money from Paid surveys

Online Surveys that make money from home for students
Online Surveys

From paid surveys we can get low income compared to other money making options. As a student this is a good option for make money from home without any risk.

Survey is a method for collecting data from others through some questionnaire. There are some websites that we can make paid surveys. After completing surveys you get rewards through Google Play or PayPal credit.


In conclusion we have seen lots of online jobs that helps to Make Money from home for students. Some of them are high returns. Online jobs like creating blog, money from freelance jobs, YouTube videos etc are make high income. If it returns high output only after we put some good effort there. Jobs like paid surveys are less income. So we can put some less effort there. All the above online jobs are get without any investment except one or two.

If you happy with this article please share to others. It will help you to make passive income for others.

Let us grow together!

Freelance web designer and developer from Kerala

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