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How to make money from home in Kerala without Investment

Kerala, one of the smallest states in India, has a very high population density. The competition for jobs is increasing day by day. So the topic how to make money from home in Kerala is make some more energy to students and women in the state. The best advantage of such jobs is that no investment is required. If you spend some time every day for this, you can make a good income from it.

First of all I would like to thank you for showing an interest to reading this article. You will never be disappointed with this article. You can find part time or full time jobs which doing from home that suits your profession and earn some money from that. So let’s jump into the section.

What are the Prerequisites for Make Money from Home in Kerala

The jobs mentioned here can be done online and also in offline. If you do it online you will need an electronic gadget. It can be a mobile or a computer. In today’s society there will be less people without any of these. Then you have the experience of working on the Internet.

Some of the jobs we are talking about require initial investment. Choose such jobs for those who want to invest a little money. If you are looking for a job for the first time in such a field, it is a good idea to start the job without spending money.

If it is offline jobs anyone can do it. No need for internet or electronic gadgets.

Best Jobs for Make Money from Home in Kerala

  • Sell your unused products
  • Provide online & offline tuitions
  • Make money through Instagram
  • Make money from Blog
  • Earn money from farming
  • Opportunity in web designing & Graphic designing
  • Make money from handicrafts
  • Sell your writings
  • Drop shipping
  • Transcriptionist
  • Digital marketing
  • Money from some small online business

Sell your unused products

Sell unused products

This is a good source of income that you can do very simply. Many items in your home may be lying unused. Find and sell such items. Goods can be newspapers, plastic goods, iron, electronic gargets and so on. Give the completely unusable things to local buyers. Less usable ones can be sold online or offline for a better price.

Many websites help you to sell used items online. Now let us see what are the best online sites for selling used items in Kerala.

Best websites for selling used products in Kerala

In these days, it is easy for selling used products through online websites. We can also make a good profit. The products such as Electronic gadgets, Home appliances, Furniture, clothes etc. You can also used for this websites to buying second hand products.

Provide Online and Offline Tuitions

Online tutoring for make money in Kerala
Online tutoring for make money in Kerala

It’s probably the most familiar job you’ve ever had. Here I will tell you how to successfully take online and offline classes. Today online classes are the most popular. Because of the spread of the corona virus, educational institutions around the world have turned to online classes. The children began to get used to it. With this one thing online tuition itself is better than offline tuition.

It does not cost us much to take classes online. The total investment is said to be an electronic gadget. It’s a mobile or a computer. Nowadays there are no homes without these any gadgets. Then all that is needed is the internet.

In the early days, internet services were scarce and to expensive in Kerala. But today the situation has changed. A lot of internet service providers have arrived and the price of internet has come down. So the internet will not be a villain in this one.

No problem with offline tuitions. Take classes from your own home at your convenient time.

These offline classes are for kids near you. Sometimes the chances of having such children are less. So this is also one of the reason to start an online class.

Now let’s see how we can find students from online. Today many online platforms help to take classes and find students.

Best Online Tutoring sites in India

There are plenty of websites that helpful for tutoring. I have mentioned only couple of websites that really helpfull for tutoring and make money from that.

Make money through Instagram

make money from instagram
make money from Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in Kerala and around the world. Initially it came as a photo sharing app but later it grew and came with a lot of good features. It is also one of the most used social media by the younger generation in Kerala today.

Because of the reels on Instagram and the ease of editing photos, people are more interest with this app. Why not make this one popular app a source of income?

Instagram does not pay anyone directly but you can make a good income using from many of these Instagram features. The total investment in this, you must have a good percentage of followers on your Instagram account. Then you need to be able to influence your followers.

Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

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Make money from Blog

In the early days, there were few bloggers from Kerala. Now the situation has changed and more and more people are turning it into a profession. The uniqueness of this is that in order to earn an income from it, you need to put some waiting and good patience. That may be the reason why people from Kerala are reluctant to do so.

If you want to blog, first you need a website. You can own a website for absolutely free. You too can build a website for free using online platforms like Blogger, WordPress or wix.

How to create a free website

Build a website on any of these free platforms. In my opinion you should not invest any money in blogging at he beginning stage. Once you are a website, publish good content on it. Rank it in search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is something you need to do if you want to be at the top of search engines.

So add some content and generate website traffic. After that you can use any advertising platform and earn revenue from this blog. One of the most prominent of these is Google AdSense.

Earn money from Farming

make money from farming
Make money from Farming

Farming is an option for those who are not very skilled and interested in online jobs. In these days In farming, Kerala faced some serious trouble . With the advent of new generation technology, no one has ventured into farming. The current situation in Kerala is that vegetables are being brought here from outside.

The fact is that it is also a poisonous vegetable. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for organic farming in Kerala. Today the Government of Kerala is promoting organic farming. But the main disadvantage is that it makes some initial investment. The Government of Kerala is providing loans and subsidies for this.

Different types of Farming

  • Cattle Farm
  • Aqua Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Crop farming

Opportunity in Web Designing & Graphic Designing

Make money from designing

Opportunities in web designing and graphic designing are huge in these days. But it must be learned in a good way. There is an initial investment to learn designing. It’s a one time investment. Graphics designing is the practice of using our artistic skills in digital software. Graphics designing includes logo designing, brochure designing, leaflet designing and business card design.

Creativity is not enough in web designing, you also need to know web programming. Only then can you become a good website designer. Web designing can be more rewarding than graphic designing. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRPIT are the basic languages ​​you need to know to become a web designer.

How do you do all this cool stuff? How to earn income from this? Freelancing is the best answer to that. Today there are many people in Kerala who are freelancing after taking such courses. You can find your customer by advertising on social medias. Once you have a few customers, you will get more customers through them. And one way to get freelance design jobs is through freelance websites.

Best Freelancing Websites to get Designing Jobs

Make Money from Handicrafts

Make money from handicrafts-kerala
Make money from handicrafts

Handicrafts are demand in all times. If you are an expert in such things, you can make such handicrafts using household waste materials. There is no cost if such handicrafts are made using useless household items.

You can make handicrafts in a good modern way using scrap metal, paper, wood, iron and clay. People use handicrafts made from these items to decorate the house. Foreigners are more likely to like such items than those in Kerala.

If you make such goods, you will be able to sell them at a good profit in the local market. If you are having trouble selling anymore, advertise on social media in a small way. So bring your product to people’s minds. This will help you to sell your item.

Another good way is to sell online. You can also sell your product online using today’s methods. These are the main websites that allow to sell your handicrafts products.

Best websites to sell your handicraft products

  • Facebook Market Place
  • Sell on Amazon
  • olx
  • Quikr
  • eBay
  • Bonanza

Sell Your writings

make money from sell your writings
Make money from sell your writings

At least some of us have the habit of writing at free times. The topic will be some poems, stories or some experiences in life. If you are in the habit of writing like this, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you have a story or poems to write, you can publish it online and generate revenue.

If you want to publish it, you have to make it a book. We can also make this book for free. Canva, an online designing tool will help you with that. After designing the pages, you can download it in PDF format from there. We now need to publish this PDF.

The next question is, where can I publish it? Today, there are websites that support it. Let’s see what they are.

Websites for publish E-books

Publish the book you have created on such sites. Interested people will buy your book and a payment will be sent to you. Some websites may charge a small commission. One thing to keep in mind is that if people want to buy it, the content in your book must be interesting.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping and make money

Let me tell you very simply what drop shipping is. We help someone to buy an item and when they buy it they give us a small commission of it. The same thing happens with drop shipping. Here are three: Intermediate, Buyer, and Seller. You are the intermediate in it.

Buyer says you need a product and you buy it from a place you are familiar with. When you rate the buyer, add your commission and pay the bill. The biggest advantage of this is that you do not need any investment. Do not store any items.

Finding a buyer is a daunting task. You need to create and share posters about the product you intend to sell. Posters should have a good description of the product. Buyers who are interested in your product will be approached. You can then place an order with your retailer accordingly.

You can find your sellers on websites like Amazon or Flipkart.



This is something that has been going on for a long time and most sectors that need. Transcribe means data is moving from one format to another. Maybe it’s JPEG to text or text to the voice or something like that. In any case, this is possible with the help of a transcriptionist. This is a very important thing in the medical field.

Today, a lot of companies are outsourcing such jobs. There are companies and freelancers in Kerala that do such work. Often such jobs are obtained through an online freelance website.

If you work on it and think it can be converted using online tools it will not work. Because they will find it and then you will be banned for ever.

Best Websites for get Transcription jobs

  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • Freelancer
  • Trulancer
  • Linkedin

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the digital promotion of an object or organization. Good digital marketing can double your income. Digital marketing is one of the most relied upon marketing by people today. This is because of the increasing use of electronic devices today. People spend more time relying on mobiles or other similar devices for entertainment. If you want to do digital marketing for any company you need to study a few things.

What does a digital Marketer do?

  • Email marketing
  • Social media promotion
  • Public relations
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC ads(Pay per click)
  • Website promotions(SEO)

All of the above are things that a digital marketer should know. Then make sure you are well aware of such things. Then you can work from home for companies as a digital marketer. The chances of such jobs in the future are very high. You can watch digital marketing tutorials for free on YouTube. So don’t miss the opportunity and work hard.

Bonus Points: Money From Some Small Online Business

Now I’m talking about small online jobs. You should not expect a lot of profit from this. Such jobs would be good for students and housewives in Kerala. Because all these are activities that children can learn and do at the same time.

One thing to note in particular is that there are a lot of fraudulent companies and jobs out there. Please do not jump into any such business. Do not select any websites or companies by using google search. Choose only after you have learned about the site.

Online survey

An online survey means that once you have registered on a site, you have to fill out the survey as they see fit. Only a small amount of revenue can be earned from such companies if a lot of surveys are done. These are the major websites that gets online surveys.

  • Amazon Survey
  • ySense
  • Survey Junkie
  • Toluna Surveys
  • Google surveys

Captcha Typing

Basically captcha typing jobs is a type of data entry jobs. Captcha is used in websites for avoid spammers and bots. There is no any special skill is needed in captcha typing.

Once you have registered with the company then you can log in and start typing captcha. All you have to do is type the text that appears on the screen and send it on time. This is also provide a small income.

Data Entry Jobs

If you have good typing speed, you too can generate revenue through data entry. The minimum requirements for this are word speed ​​60 WPM and 95% accuracy level. In data entry, works are in JPEG or any other type formats. You can convert it into text. The websites that you can apply for data entry jobs are

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Mega Typers


We are looking some really good jobs that can make money from home in Kerala. Majority of the jobs doesn’t have any initial investment. If you have jobs, you can do this as part time business.

The main benefit from this is for the children and housewives in Kerala. If you spend your free time regularly, you too can make good money from it. And the important thing that you want to note is that, don’t go to unfamiliar websites and don’t waste your cash. Whatever business you do, do it only after you have thoroughly learned about it.

Work hard and earn money.

All my best wishes!.

Freelance web designer and developer from Kerala

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