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MAKE MONEY FROM WHATSAPP [ The Ultimate Secret ]

Today we are reveling The ultimate Secret of make money from WhatsApp. You may have run out of cash in your life and may have started searching for it on the internet. Don’t worry, this is your blog. We are the ones who use WhatsApp most of the time from morning till bed. Then why can’t you convert WhatsApp as a source of income.

Like you, I struggled a lot to find an online income. I have often failed. But I learned a lot from it. I found the mistakes I made and corrected them and went back to online jobs. Today my earning is $3000 per month. This was made possible by WhatsApp and other social medias as well.

how I make money from WhatsApp and other social medias - proof
My earning in months using WhatsApp an other Social medias

WhatsApp is not directly give money for you. But we can make money from WhatsApp as a mediator for other online jobs. The only requirements for make money from WhatsApp is the audience.

In your phone should have plenty of contact. You must be a member of different WhatsApp groups and similar social media groups. That’s enough.

Make money from WhatsApp by Promote your Blog

Make money from WhatsApp by Promote your Blog
Promote Your Blog

Blogging and generating revenue has become quite popular nowadays. If you have good skills on write a blog then it is a good idea to make a side income with your main job.

Blogging take some time to get revenue. We can create blogging websites without any investments. Blog free websites can make using WordPress or blogger.

After creating free websites, we can make post from there and publish it. Then the relevance of WhatsApp. If you want to make money from your blog, you must have good website traffic to your blog.

For that we can use WhatsApp as an intermediate of make money from blog. You can share the link of the post through WhatsApp. You can send it directly to each person or put the link as your WhatsApp status.

Once they subscribe to the website, they will be automatically notified later. So you can generate traffic to the website and make money in a good way through WhatsApp.

Do affiliate marketing through WhatsApp

Do affiliate marketing through WhatsApp and make money from WhattsApp
Do affiliate marketing through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a good option for affiliate marketing. So what is affiliate marketing?. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else products or any type of services.

There are plenty of Affiliate marketing programs are available. The top affiliate marketing programs are listed below.

You can also check how to make money from Hostinger Affiliate program.

After successfully register with any of the above affiliate program you can get different product list for promotion. The product promotion is via using the sharable link from each product.

Copy the link and share it through the WhatsApp. When sharing, do not just give a link but also give full details about the product. If there is any more offer, it can be given there too.

People always like offers. Share to maximum people through WhatsApp. Once people click on that link and buy it you will get a commission from it.

So we can make a good income using WhatsApp. If you have a lot of contacts in your WhatsApp, you can increase your income accordingly.

Make money from WhatsApp by through online Tutoring

Make money from WhatsApp by through online Tutoring
Make money by Online Tutoring through WhatsApp

Because of the popularity and usage of the WhatsApp, lots people are make money from WhatsApp by doing online tutoring.

Online learning is on the rise these days. Even if they have a job, they can still study as a part time. Most of the people who teach rely on WhatsApp. Because of WhatsApp has a very simple interface.

You can take classes as videos or send them by voice notes. But before that you have to be interested in online tutoring.

There are plenty of institutions has taken classes through WhatsApp.

They are taking classes through WhatsApp. Tutors are use WhatsApp as an intermediate for make money from online tutoring.

Promote your YouTube videos through WhatsApp

Promote your YouTube videos through WhatsApp
Promote Your YouTube videos through WhatsApp

You can get viewers by sharing YouTube link in WhatsApp. Today, YouTube is one of the most trusted platforms for entertainment. That’s why people create a channel on YouTube and earn money from it.

We can use WhatsApp as a money making intermediate by sharing YouTube video links through WhatsApp.

By sharing like this, we can get good views to the YouTube channel and through that we can earn good revenue through YouTube using WhatsApp.

You can also check how to make money from YouTube and other15 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2022.

Sell your old products and make money through WhatsApp

Sell your products through WhatsApp and earn money
Sell your products through WhatsApp

Most people who buy and sell goods rely on platforms like OLX. It is unlikely that we will ever find people who buy or sell as we intended. Also, if you want to buy or sell online platforms like this, you have to pay cash.

That’s the point of WhatsApp. We can use WhatsApp to sell and buy the things we need without spending a single rupee. If you know the graphics design you have made a small poster and sharing it would be better than just putting up an image.

You can connect with friends locally via WhatsApp. That’s the way we can sell products through WhatsApp and make money from it without spending a single rupees.

Advantage of selling products through WhatsApp

  • Without Spending any money
  • Easy to find local buyers or sellers
  • Sharing is unlimited
  • Direct business


Let us now look at what we can learn from the above. Although we do not get money directly from WhatsApp, we have transformed WhatsApp into a way to make money in many ways.

We have lot of contact list if we want to make it happen. We’re turning WhatsApp’s contact list into a way to make money. You do not need an investment. All we need is contact.

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