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Easy method for save image without background

In this article, we talk about the very easy method for save image without background using photoshop or using free online tools. Photoshop is commonly and widely used graphic software. There are different methods available in photoshop. If there is no photoshop is installed on your pc go to adobe official website for download photoshop. Also you can check what are the other graphic designing software used to remove background and for editing by designers.

  1. First, Open the image in photoshop for removing the background
  2. Select the background using a pen tool or magic wand tool or any other selection tool
  3. Delete it (using the keyboard Delete key)
  4. In the layer panel, you can see a layer called background. Turn of the layer visibility (means an eye symbol on the layer). If there is no background layer just leave this step
  5. Now save the image in PNG file format

Now it can explain in detail way that how to save the image without a background.

How to create a transparent background for an image in Photoshop

First open an image in photoshop using the short key Cntrl + O or go to File menu and select open or you can use place command on file menu for open an image in an existing document.

Open image in photoshop
Open an image in photoshop

After opening an image, we want to remove the background from it. For removing background we can use different selection tools. Now you have turned into a question.

What is selection tools?

Selection tools are the tools for selecting particular area(pixels) for editing purpose. Editing means it can be deleted, changing colors etc.

How to select background using pen tool for save image without background ?

The pen tool is commonly used tool for selection. For removing background using pen tool, first activate pen tool just press ‘P’ on your keyboard. Next select path option from option bar.

Pen tool and path option
Pen tool and path option

After that, we can create a path over the image. Drawing path must go through the area we want to remove. Be frank, Pen tool make some difficulty to draw path if you are a fresher. Check this video for how to use pen tool in photoshop.

Explain how to draw path in an image

Next, the path will be converted into selection. For converting path you can press Cnrl + Enter.

Now selection is ready!

How to select background using magic wand tool for save image without background?

Magic wand tool is a selection tool. In a magic wand, the selection is based on colors. For activating the magic wand tool press w on the keyboard. Get a perfect selection only if the background is single color. Otherwise, the selection makes incomplete.

Magic wand tool for selection
Magic wand tool

If the background is a single color, just click on the particular color. Now the magic appears. You can see that selection is going around in a particular color background.

After selection using magic wand tool
After selection

After selection, delete the selected area by pressing Delete key on keyboard.

Remember one thing. if the image layer is locked in the layer panel first double click on it for unlocking the layer. After unlocking, you can go to the delete process.

How to save image in PNG format (without background) from Photoshop?

First important thing, if there is any background layer turn of the layer visibility.

  • Go to File -> Save as or press Cntrl + Shift + S
  • Select the PNG option from save as type list box
  • Next popup window, press ok
Save as option in Photoshop
Step 1: Click Save as option in Photoshop
PNG format from save as option
Step 2: Select PNG format from save as type list box
save image without background using photoshop
Step 3: Hit OK for save in PNG

How to remove image background without Photoshop?

We can also remove the background without photoshop. Removing possible through with the help of online tools. The main advantage of using remove background without Photoshop is that- you have no previous designing skills.

Remove background using removebg online tool

upload image for removing background
removebg online tool for remove image background

First, upload the image that we want to remove background. Removebg AI automatically removes the background from an image. After we can download the image as normal size or download it as HD size. Also, it has some editing features like changing background, etc.

how to delete image background
Picture representation for changing background in removebg

Follow the below link to remove background from image

removebg online tool

I hope this article will help you to remove background from an image using photoshop or without photoshop. Removing background without using photoshop is a good option for beginners or anybody have without prior knowledge.

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