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Easy Method to Type Malayalam in Photoshop Within Seconds

Malayalam, a remarkably beautiful language spoken in South India, presents a unique challenge when it comes to typing in Photoshop using an English keyboard. Today, we’ll unveil an easy method to type Malayalam in Photoshop within seconds, catering to users across all versions including cc, cs3, and cs6. Given the surge in Malayalam advertising by Keralites, the ability to type in Malayalam has become an essential skill for graphic designers from the community.

For many, navigating Malayalam typing in Photoshop remains a perplexing task. Even for those who manage it, a significant amount of time can be invested. This article is dedicated to those seeking a swift and efficient approach. Discover the art of typing effortlessly in Malayalam using Photoshop in mere seconds.

Pre requirements for type Malayalam in Photoshop

Before you can start typing Malayalam in Photoshop, there are specific steps that need to be taken as Malayalam cannot be typed directly on the system.

1. Malayalam font must be installed in your system

The most important thing is to install Malayalam font on the computer. English fonts are usually found on our computer. It is not enough for our needs. In order to get Malayalam in our system, we first need to download and install Malayalam fonts. Today there are plenty of websites that you can download a lot of beautiful Malayalam fonts.

Malayalam font websites

I have mention some of widely used websites to download Malayalam fonts. We can download and use it for free from all these websites.

So after installing the Malayalm font in your computer, you can follow the below steps.

Method1: Type Malayalam in Photoshop using

Easily Type Malayalam in Photoshop using
Kuttipencil Interface

Presently, Kuttipencil stands out as one of the most popular platforms for Malayalam typing in Photoshop. Its user-friendly interface makes typing a breeze; simply employ the Manglish (Type Malayalam using English letters) model. This online tool offers a plethora of features, including the option to save your work online, send it via email, and much more. Notably, it allows users to input up to 100,000 characters.

Steps to type Malayalam in kuttipencil

  • Go to website
  • Type the necessary Malayalam words in Manglish
  • After typing click on convert button
  • There you can convert into different formats. Click on Copy to ML series or either click on Copy to FML series
  • Next upcoming window, Click on Copy Text

Steps to paste copied Malayalam text from kuttipencil Website to Photoshop

Malayalam in Photoshop
Malayalam in Photoshop
  • Take type type tool from toolbox in Photoshop or press T
  • Click on the area you want to paste that Malayalam text
  • Press control + V on your keyboard
  • Then you can see your text in a different format. (Don’t worry this is because of different font)
  • Choose Malayalam font from property panel (The Malayalam font starting from ML or FML)

One thing to note is that if you have converted to ML in Kuttipencil, then the font that should be taken when it comes to Photoshop should be the fonts that start with ML. If the fonts starting with FML are taken, Malayalam will not be correct.

I think this is a good option for typing Malayalam in Photoshop within seconds. Kuttipencil is totally free for you. The only disadvantage is that you need the internet. Try it yourself. Leave a comment below.

Method 2: Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Character map

Character map

Character Map is a default software that installed in your windows machine. The main advantage for using the character map is that you does not need any internet. It can use to type Malayalam in your local machine.

Character map allows you to type in any language other than Malayalam. No we have to check how to type Malayalam in photoshop using character map.

  • Open the character map from program list(Just press windows key on your keyboard and type character map)
  • After open the character map choose Malayalam font from font section
  • Malayalam characters will be listed below.
  • From there, double-click on the character you want. The words thus taken can be seen in a text box below.
  • After when finishing the type press on copy button
  • Next go to Photoshop and paste where you want
  • For pasting, select the text tool and click on the area you want to paste
  • After that press control + v on your keyboard

Disadvantage of typing Malayalam using character map

The advantage of this is that there is no internet but there is a huge disadvantage. You will lose a lot of time to type this. Because you have to find and click on each character. Character map is fine if you only have a few texts to type.

The another thing is that it only converted to uni code format. An impatient person is less likely to use a character map.

Method 3: Type Malayalam in Photoshop using TypeIt

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using TypeIt
TypeIt Interface

Typeit! is a freeware Malayalam editor software. It is still in development stage. If you want to type in this you must have proficiency in typing Malayalam on English keyboard. Type It almost supports R Malayalam keyboard. They are

  • Inscript (ISM)
  • GIST
  • Malayalam Typewriter
  • Panchami
  • Panchari
  • Varityper Phonetic keyboard Layout

Typeit interface is very simple compared to any other Software. Follow the below steps to install Typeit on your machine.

  • Go and download Type it from there official website
  • After downloading, double click on the .exe file
  • Click on next to install the Typeit on your machine
  • Last click ok to finish the installation

After installation open Type it. Type Malayalam on the interface. Check this link If you want to study how to type Malayalam using English keyboard.

After writing then you have to convert into Malayalam formats ML or FML.

  • For that go to menu bar, click on Convert
  • Copy to – FML (or any other format you want copy) or using the short key control + G
  • Then go to photoshop, click on the area you want to copy, paste it

My main disadvantage is that we should be learn to type Malayalam in English keyboard. This can be a bit daunting for someone new. But once you have learned it, you will not have to rely on any other tool.

Method 4: Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Google online writing tools

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Google online writing tools
Google online writing tools

This tool is truly remarkable for writing in Malayalam, yet it remains relatively unknown to many. Much like Kuttipencil, Google Writing Tools offers a similar functionality. It provides a variety of keyboards dedicated to Malayalam typing within this online platform.

Among these, my personal favorite is the handwriting keyboard. It simplifies the process, allowing you to draw letters to form characters. Additionally, there are other keyboards available as well.

  • namaskar
  • Inscript
  • Malayalam

Steps to write Malayalam using Google online writing tools

  • Got to website Google writing tools
  • On the language selection side you will see a symbol of a keyboard. By clicking on it you can select which keyboards you want
  • Just type in Manglish style. it automatically converted to Malayalam.
  • After writing you can select all the text.
  • Press control + v to copy the text
  • Go to Photoshop and past the area you want to place

The main disadvantage of this tool is that it is only converted to Unicode. If you want to convert to any other format, you must rely on other tools.


Typing Malayalam in Photoshop is a straightforward process. Personally, I find online tools to be the most convenient method for this task. They allow us to type in Manglish and then convert it to Malayalam. Once done, we can easily integrate the Malayalam text into Photoshop.

Subsequently, we also became familiar with software options for typing Malayalam, in addition to utilizing online tools. However, it’s crucial to grasp the technique of typing Malayalam using an English keyboard. An added benefit is that an internet connection is not required. It’s essential to choose the right tool based on the specific context.

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