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How Easily Type Malayalam in Photoshop Within Seconds

Malayalam is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in South India. Typing Malayalam in Photoshop with an English keyboard is a difficult task. Then how easily type Malayalam in Photoshop within seconds?. That is what we are going to discuss here today.

The methods that we are going to discuss is suitable for all versions of Photoshop like cc, cs3 and cs6. Keralites today do a lot of advertising in Malayalam. Therefore, typing in Malayalam is an occasional requirement for Malayalee graphic designers.

Many people do not have a proper understanding of Malayalam typing in Photoshop. Even if it is done correctly, some time may have been spent lot of time on it. This article is for those who have. How To Type Easily In Malayalam Photoshop In Seconds

What are the pre requirements for type Malayalam in Photoshop

We cannot type Malayalam directly on the system. There are certain things to do before you going to type Malayalam in Photoshop.

Malayalam font must be installed in your system

The most important thing is to install Malayalam font on the computer. English fonts are usually found on our computer. It is not enough for our needs. In order to get Malayalam in our system, we first need to download and install Malayalam fonts. Today there are plenty of websites that you can download a lot of beautiful Malayalam fonts.

Malayalam font websites

I have mention some of widely used websites to download Malayalam fonts. We can download and use it for free from all these websites.

System Requirements

This system requirement is not for installing Malayalam font but for to run Photoshop smoothly on your system.

  • Processor – 64 bit 2 GHZ or faster processor
  • Ram – 8GB
  • Graphics Card – 4GB of GPU (net necessary)
  • Hard disk space – 4GB

How to install Malayalam fonts in windows system

Malayalam fonts can be installed just like any other software. One of the easiest things to do is to install Malayalam font on your computer.

  • Download the Malayalam fonts from suitable web sites
  • If it is compressed, extract using WinRar or 7Zip
  • There you can see a file with extension .ttf (TrueType font file)
  • Double click on it
  • Next window, you can click on install button
  • Then it automatically installed on your system folder

The above mentioned method is easy if it is a single file. But if you have multiple fonts to install, using this method can be time consuming. Alternatively, you can quickly install the Malayalam font in your system by using the following method.

  • First copy all Malayalam font file with .ttf extension
  • Then press Windows Key + R
  • In the Run command window, type fonts
  • Hit Enter or press Ok
  • It open a folder for Malayalam font being installed
  • Right click and Paste inside the folder (or you can press cntrl + V)

Once the font is successfully installed, open Photoshop and go to the Font section to see if it came to your computer. There you can check and see the Malayalam fonts installed on the system. The names of the fonts start with ML and ML -TT, respectively.

So we have installed the font. Now let’s see how you can type in Photoshop using these Malayalam fonts.

Easily Type Malayalam in Photoshop using

Easily Type Malayalam in Photoshop using

Today, Kuttipencil is one of the most used websites for typing in Malayalam Photoshop. Because typing in it is very easy. Just type in Manglish (Write Malayalam in English Letters) model.

This online page gives us a lot of features. After typing, you can store it online, send mail and so much more. And the biggest thing is that you can type up to 100000 characters in it.

Steps to type Malayalam in kuttipencil

  • Go to website
  • Type the necessary Malayalam words in Manglish
  • After typing click on convert button
  • There you can convert into different formats. Click on Copy to ML series or either click on Copy to FML series
  • Next upcoming window, Click on Copy Text

How can we paste copied Malayalam text from kuttipencil to Photoshop

Malayalam in Photoshop
Malayalam in Photoshop
  • Take type type tool from toolbox in Photoshop or press T
  • Click on the area you want to paste that Malayalam text
  • Press control + V on your keyboard
  • Then you can see your text in a different format. (Don’t worry this is because of different font)
  • Choose Malayalam font from property panel (The Malayalam font starting from ML or FML)

One thing to note is that if you have converted to ML in Kuttipencil, then the font that should be taken when it comes to Photoshop should be the fonts that start with ML. If the fonts starting with FML are taken, Malayalam will not be correct.

I think this is a good option for typing Malayalam in Photoshop within seconds. Kuttipencil is totally free for you. The only disadvantage is that you need the internet. Try it yourself. Leave a comment below.

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Character map

Character map

Character Map is a default software that installed in your windows machine. The main advantage for using the character map is that you does not need any internet. It can use to type Malayalam in your local machine.

Character map allows you to type in any language other than Malayalam. No we have to check how to type Malayalam in photoshop using character map.

  • Open the character map from program list(Just press windows key on your keyboard and type character map)
  • After open the character map choose Malayalam font from font section
  • Malayalam characters will be listed below.
  • From there, double-click on the character you want. The words thus taken can be seen in a text box below.
  • After when finishing the type press on copy button
  • Next go to Photoshop and paste where you want
  • For pasting, select the text tool and click on the area you want to paste
  • After that press control + v on your keyboard

Disadvantage of typing Malayalam using character map

The advantage of this is that there is no internet but there is a huge disadvantage. You will lose a lot of time to type this. Because you have to find and click on each character. Character map is fine if you only have a few texts to type.

The another thing is that it only converted to uni code format. An impatient person is less likely to use a character map.

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using TypeIt

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using TypeIt
TypeIt Interface

Typeit! is a freeware Malayalam editor software. It is still in development stage. If you want to type in this you must have proficiency in typing Malayalam on English keyboard. Type It almost supports R Malayalam keyboard. They are

  • Inscript (ISM)
  • GIST
  • Malayalam Typewriter
  • Panchami
  • Panchari
  • Varityper Phonetic keyboard Layout

Typeit interface is very simple compare to any other Softwares. Follow the below steps to install Typeit on your machine.

  • Go and download Type it from there official website
  • After downloading, double click on the .exe file
  • Click on next to install the typeit on your machine
  • Last click ok to finish the installation

After installation open Type it. Type Malayalam on the interface. Check this link If you want to study how to type Malayalam using English keyboard.

After writing then you have to convert into Malayalam formats ML or FML.

  • For that go to menu bar, click on Convert
  • Copy to – FML (or any other format you want copy) or using the short key control + G
  • Then go to photoshop, click on the area you want to copy, paste it

My main disadvantage is that we should be learn to type Malayalam in English keyboard. This can be a bit daunting for someone new. But once you have learned it, you will not have to rely on any other tool.

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Google online writing tools

Type Malayalam in Photoshop using Google online writing tools
Google online writing tools

This is one of the fantastic tool to write Malayalam. Most people do not know much about this tool. Google Writing Tools is a tool that works just like the kuttipencil tool we saw earlier. There are many keyboards are available for writing Malayalam in this online tool.

One of my favorite keyboards is the handwriting keyboard. Because it’s enough to just draw letters to form characters. The other keyboards are

  • namaskar
  • Inscript
  • Malayalam

Steps to write Malayalam using Google online writing tools

  • Got to website Google writing tools
  • On the language selection side you will see a symbol of a keyboard. By clicking on it you can select which keyboards you want
  • Just type in manglish style. it automatically converted to Malayalam.
  • After writing you can select all the text.
  • Press control + v to copy the text
  • Go to Photoshop and past the area you want to place

The main disadvantage of this tool is that it only converted to unicode. If you want to convert to any other format you will have to rely on other tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Malayalam font in photoshop?

We can never add fonts directly in Photoshop. Instead, all we have to do is install the Malayalam font on your system. First you have to download Malayalam fonts. Then double click on it and install. Or you can copy it directly to a folder called Fonts on the C drive.

Where you can download stylish Malayalam fonts for Photoshop?

There are plenty of websites that you can download Malayalam fonts for Photoshop. They are 100% free for use. These are some websites for download Malayalam fonts.

How to type Malayalam in Photoshop cs3?

These older versions are less commonly used by people. Then if your system configuration is low then this version is preferred. Even with the cs3 or cs6 version of Photoshop, we can still use all the above tools to type in Malayalam for Photoshop. Tools that are

  • Character map
  • Type it
  • Google online writing tools

How to fix Malayalam character ‘nda’ problem when typing Malayalam in photoshop?

Some time it’s may be text engine issue. For rectifying this error open photoshop

  • Go to menu bar click on Edit -> Preference (or press cntrl + K)
  • Click on Type
  • choose text text engine option as Middle Eastern and south Asian
  • Restart your photoshop

If Malayalam is typing with the help of online tool like kuttipencil, try to convert it as ML or FML series before pasting on Photoshop.


You can type Malayalam very easily in Photoshop. In my opinion, online tools are the easiest way to type Malayalam in Photoshop. There we can type in Manglish and make it Malayalam. Then we can bring that Malayalam in Photoshop and paste it.

Later we got acquainted with the software for typing Malayalam besides online. But if you want to type Malayalam , you have to understand how to type Malayalam in English keyboard. And one advantage is that there is no need for internet. You have to select the tools according to their context.

If this article is helpful to you, please share to others.

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