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What online tools do graphic designers use?

The graphic design sector has grown a lot today. It is archived by through good graphic design software’s. So now we can check What online tools do graphic designers use?. Not the designing tools that existed 10 years ago now. The design tools have all been upgraded and come with a lot of nice features. So graphic designers can get their work done a little faster.

Today many graphic design tools are available for free online. You can also download and use desktop and mobile versions of it.

Here are 5 graphic online tools used by graphic designers.


Canva – Online free tool for graphic design

Canva is one of the most used online designing tools by graphic designers and those unfamiliar with designing. Free templates on canvas help you to make designs very quickly. Free templates are more in Canva compared to other online tools.

Another important thing in Canva is the Drag and drop feature. It makes do designing more easily. Using Canva we can also create small animated videos and presentations.


free graphic design tool
Online Graphic design tool

Figama is a vector based designing tool. Figama is available for both web applications and mobile desktop versions. Figama is most commonly used for prototyping. Therefore figma is one of the most used tool by mobile application designers.

If you are purchasing a pro version you can get

  • 100+ million stock photos videos and other designing elements
  • Access to get image background remover
  • Magic resizing options
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Schedule social media contents

Not only that, we can do all kinds of designs in Figma. You can use Figma for free and also they provide some valuable tool for designing.

Figma is associating with FigJam for helping the users in design processes and team meetings.


online free graphic design tool
Figma- Online graphic design tool

Simplified is an another online tool do graphic designers use. It is best for design, animations, content writing and social media planner. You can start free trial on simplified and after that you may have to upgrade any pro versions.

Features of Simplified

  • Background Remover
  • Magic Resizer
  • Animation Maker
  • Long form writer
  • Schedule posts
  • Link Shortener


pixlr-online free designing tool
Pixlr – Online free graphic design tool

Pixlr is widely used online graphic design tool. It is best for photo editing. Also you can create stunning designs and animations.

There are plenty of predefined templates that help to design more quickly. Pixlr is better than any other online tool for photo editing. Now check what are the key features of Pixlr.

Key Features of Pixlr

  • Picture collage maker
  • Filters & Effects
  • Bulk design templates
  • One click animations
  • AI powered background removal


online free graphic design tool
Desygner – Online free graphic design tool

Desygner is a great online tool for graphic design beginners. You have the option to design for free at Designer. In the free package you can design with lots of free templates.

You can also access millions of free images and hundreds of fonts for free. in Pro versions you can get premium templates, unlimited assets storage, create unlimited animations, remove background from image, automatically resizing and much more.

Desygner is best suitable for creating social media posts, logos, presentation, flyer, brochures etc. The amount of pro version is very small when compared to other online graphic design tools.

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Wrapping up

So now you can get an idea about What online tools do graphic designers use?. There are plenty on designing tools are available in internet. But these are standing out than any other tools. One of the things we need to look for when selecting a graphic design tool is to look at what we are designing to select the appropriate design tool. Each design tool has its own unique features.

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