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How to create a YouTube banner on Canva within minutes

Canva is a free online tool for creating graphical elements easily within minutes. Canva is a platform that a lot of peoples are used today. Because it’s easier for us to design in canvas than it is to do it with any other professional tool. So now check how to create a YouTube banner on Canva within minutes.

First of all I would like to thank you for your willingness to read my article. Through these articles you will learn step by step how to create a YouTube banner using Canva. So read on without skipping a step.

What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of using Canva?

Although Canva is still used as a professional tool today, let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Anyone can design using Canva
  • Predefined templates are available
  • Pro version is budget friendly
  • Some advanced designing tools are available
  • Multiple users can access in single account(Team work)


  • Less option in output formats
  • It’s follow vector graphics, so not option in color correction
  • Limited in drawing tools

Create a YouTube banner on Canva using template

In this I Explain how to create a YouTube banner using template.

Step1: Go to official website and signup using your email id

Step2: Search the template for YouTube banner in Canva.

YouTube channel art
Select YouTube channel art

The normal YouTube channel art size will be 2560px width and 1400px height.

Step3: Select your niche template from the left side window. There are different types of predefined channel arts are available in Canva. Click any one that appropriate you.

Select your template for YouTube
Select your template for YouTube banner

For an example I have choose a travel template for YouTube banner. When you choose, select the template that best suits your needs. If you choose, you will see that it has been added to the page you took. That’s what we need to edit.

Select the best template or youtube banner
After chosen the template

Step4: Now if you want to rename it, click on the text in the template. Then type the text you want. You can see all the properties of the text from the top of the canvas. You will definitely need these properties when you edit.

usage of tools in canva
Tools inside Canva for designing

I have changed my name in this one example. Then I have drawn a small square at the bottom of the YouTube banner and added one or two more texts.

Usage of tools inside Canva application

  • Templates – This option is used for selecting suitable templates.
  • Elements – To draw basic shapes. In Canva all the basic shapes are available.
  • Uploads – If you have any file to upload in your art work, use this option. For example a log is needed in this artwork try to use this option.
  • Text – For using to add text in your artwork. In free version font family option is limited.
  • Styles – If you are really struggling with branded colors try to use this option. They have lot of predefined color patterns for you artwork.
  • Audio – It is used for adding voice from local system to the Canva or you can add from the Canva itself.
  • Background – For setting the background. You can set appropriate background colors for your work. Also you can use some nice images.

Download YouTube banner (your artwork) from Canva

download the youtube banner from canva
Download YouTube banner from Canva

In the top right corner you can see that a download button, click on it. You can export your file in different file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF etc. Choose the correct image file format in that list.

Step5:Next click Download button.

Import things to remember when you create a YouTube banner on Canva

Youtube banner safe area
YouTube banner safe area

One of the things to keep in mind when creating a YouTube banner is to understand and work with the safe area. This is not just a matter of designing the canvas, but also of using any application. The size of the typical YouTube banner design is 2560px X 1440px.

This is for larger screens. Now if it is desktop it is 2560px X 338px. The rest of the area will be cropped. Now that it has come to the small screen it will shrink down again. That’s why we set the safe area. It should be there to give us all the details that are important to us.

Frequently asked questions

Best Canva font for YouTube thumbnail

Fonts are selected according to our work. If we are doing a professional work then we need to choose the standard font accordingly. If it’s a kid’s design, choose a funny font accordingly.

The fonts are 2 types. One is a serif font and the other is a sanserif font. In my personal works (including YouTube thumbnail design) I am using fonts like montserat, Gothic, impact, Helvetica, Lato etc (San serif fonts).

In Canva some of the stylish fonts are available only you have a pro version.

How to use Canva for YouTube thumbnail

Canva is the best tool for creating YouTube thumbnail and other graphics related works. The main attraction in Canva is that, it has plenty of predefined templates for design. This will greatly reduce the headaches of the designers.

Let’s go there and make some minor changes to the template and download it. We can use it for free anywhere. If you follow the steps above you can do it YouTube thumbnail easily with the help of Canva.


Canva is the best online tool for creating YouTube banner and other graphics related works. The main advantage of Canva is that its user friendly interface. Anyone can use Canva for designing without any prior knowledge of designing. You can also download your works from Canva in different formats.

Canva also has some limitation in designing. It only allow some designs and tools when you are paid user. But overall its a nice tool for a beginner.

Also you can check some other designing tools that help to create awesome designs.

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